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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Top 3 Tools for Conducting Effective Meetings

Conducting an effective meeting is critical to moving your organization forward. Sharing information about the organization’s strategic plan and discussing action steps to accomplish goals that will move the company towards accomplishing long-term goals often take place in staff meetings. Because a meeting with your team can be crucial to the performance of your staff and to the quality of work that is performed, we created this article that will provide several tools to help you reach your goals.
  1. Consider investing in a board portal software program. Investing in a platform that will allow you to keep information, documents, strategic plans, and meeting minutes in a secure environment is one that is sure to be beneficial. Not only will your employees be able to access pertinent information to do their jobs from anywhere, but they can make edits that will be available to you in real-time. In addition, you can cut down on overhead costs that can offset your investment in the software. Overhead cost savings can potentially come in the form of saving money on office space, utilities, and office supplies if you allow your employees to work remotely. Many companies are moving towards allowing employees to work remotely as it saves a great deal of money and it improves staff retention and morale.
  2. Google Drive. Utilizing Google drive to organize your team and keep all your documents in one place is an easy and cheap way to use cloud services to your benefit. While Google has created a great platform where you can save files, spreadsheets, and presentations all in one area, it could be troublesome if the website ever gets hacked or goes down for a period of time. It is possible to work in Drive while being offline, but most people prefer to do their work while online as the documents update automatically and are instantly available to others shared on the documents. If you are new to using cloud services, give Google Drive a try before investing in a more efficient program for your team. Google Drive is wonderful to use in a meeting as you can take notes and make updates to documents in real-time while you are receiving the information.
  3. Meeting management. Perhaps one of the easiest and straightforward tips that is of utmost importance is to manage your meeting appropriately. The key to conducting an effective meeting is to be organized and have an agenda. Your employees will appreciate having an agenda that they can take notes on and follow along. They would be able to participate in the conversation if they had time to review the meeting agenda before the meeting begins. Employees also feel that they are valued if their time is valued. There is no sense in having your team gather around just to sit and talk about the weather. Your team has work to do, and they appreciate it if you keep the meeting to the agenda and leave the socializing for lunchtime or around the water cooler.
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