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Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Fishing Drone - A Great Helper for Every Angler

Commercial drones are not the only category with a significant purpose, after all, we are all well-aware of the residential/hobby drones. However, interestingly enough, there are drones out there that have been designed to perform other tasks that may come as a surprise to the regular user. For instance, there are drones that help fishermen in their sport. From search-and-rescue to aiding in fishing, drones are becoming more useful than ever.

What’s more, a lot of drones can be controlled through smartphones and smart devices, which you can read more here, to help enhance the experience. Paired with a smart device app and a drone that is capable of aiding in fishing, the possibilities are endless.

Why use a fishing drone?
The competition can be pretty tough when it comes to fishing, so using something that gives a fisherman an edge is pretty sought-after these days. Using a fishing drone can have multiple sides to it, such as scouting, for example. The cool thing is that any kind of drone, not just one that is designed for fishing, can scout fish out within the surrounding area. Getting a closer look at where the fish are, especially where groups are concerned, is hard to do on land, so doing so with a drone is definitely beneficial.

Interestingly enough, some drones can carry quite a bit of payload, which can be used to release bait into the water and get the fish to come as close to you as possible. What’s more, some drones even have a line mechanism on an on-board mount that actually works.

Using a drone to help with fishing can also cut your time in half. For example, you could be fishing in one spot while the drone hovers with a line mechanism in another. Depending on the drone you have, and the features and functions that come with it, you can program it to hover on its own and react to certain instances that relate to fishing. A prime example of this would be a tug on the line.

Thankfully, the majority of drones these days come with a low voltage alarm that either emits from the drone itself or through the application on your smart device. This eliminates any worry of the drone suddenly dying, dropping out of the air, and becoming a lost cause in the water.

We even have drones that can now go fully underwater, which is also great for scouting if you can’t see groups of fish from the air. The opportunities are literally endless where fishing with the help of a drone are concerned!

Some Of The Best Fishing Drones To Try
Here are a handful of drones to consider for this purpose:

3DR Solo Quadcopter
The 3DR Solo is definitely an excellent choice. It has up to 22 minutes of flight time, perfect for scouting and attaching a line, and has approximately 800 meters worth of range. It comes with multiple beneficial flight modes that are great for fishing.

For example, you can use Autonomous Flight and Waypoint to set up a fishing route that it will use on its own. The payload allows for a camera, such as a GoPro, bait, a fishing line, you name it.

What’s more, it’s a very high-tech drone that comes at a price that is surprisingly very affordable.

This drone has been designed specifically for fishing purposes. It’s the first drone to use wireless Sonar Pod for sending signals to your smart device. Basically, it’s like an aerial fish finder.

The Sonar Pod can send back readings from a depth of up to 190 feet below the surface of the water. The transmission range is up to approximately 350 feet away, which works with the application for the best readings possible.

It works in both salt and fresh water, has a 100% waterproof design, and can take off and land directly from the water. It comes with the Fish Pod, which allows you to store lures and bait. It can hold up to 2 pounds of payload total. You can switch the bait pod out for one that is designed to hold an entire fishing rod, as well.

The Film Pod, a waterproof camera that can take images from underwater and in the sky. It has features that are solely beneficial to fishing, such as Water Temperature, Digital Depth Indicator, and Automatic Ranging, to name a few.

Because this fishing drone has a higher price tag, it’s suited for those who are professional fishermen or fish for a dedicated hobby.

DJI Phantom 4 Pro
Where scouting is concerned, this drone is your best bet. You get up to 6 kilometers of range, up to 27 minutes of flight time, and a professional camera that comes with 4K resolution.

There are multiple frames per second ratings you can use, as well. You get 4K videos at 60 fps and 4K at 30fps. Both, however, are at a bitrate of 100 Mbps, but each fps rating captures high image detail.

While it cannot hold much payload, or have a line attached to it as far as fishing rods go, it’s definitely a great choice for scouting. The gimbal stabilization system ensures that your photos, videos, and live feed are free of both shake and distortion, so this drone is a sure bet you’ll get the best scouting results possible.

The features are pretty beneficial, as well. ActiveTrack, for example, follows and takes pictures of things as they move. This is a great feature for tracking and taking pictures of groups of fish.

Draw is another great feature that is beneficial for fishing purposes. It allows you to draw out a flight path for the drone to follow. While moving in the direction of your drawn flight path, the drone will lock the altitude it’s at, unless you choose not to do so manually, to ensure that it stays in the air at a stable pace. You will be able to enable and control the camera while this feature is enabled, as well.
Using drones for fishing

Technology has no doubt brought us a very long way and into a new age. More industries and hobbyists are using drones for more precise occupations and tasks, and fishing is definitely no different in this case.
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