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Friday, May 26, 2017

myCharge HubPlus C Portable Charger Review

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I recently upgraded my mobile phone. For the past few phones, I went up the Samsung Galaxy line. For the newest phone, I decided I wanted something different and went with an LG model. When I upgraded, it had one big negative side effect that didn't even dawn on me when I made the change: all my charging cables wouldn't connect to my new phone as it required a USB-C cable instead of the older style micro-USB style cable.

The lack of charging cables and the need for an extra power adapter led me to the myCharge HubPlus C Portable Charger. Instead of requiring a USB-C cable to charge my phone and a separate micro-USB cable for charging the charger, it comes with built in charging cables and a standard plug for an outlet. Thus, I can charge my phone quickly with the myCharge charger without having to bring along ANY cables. It does have a connector if you need another port of any type.

The myCharge HubPlus charger comes with both a micro-USB cable and a USB-C charging cable. Then, when you're out about the town, you connect up whenever your device is low on power. And since it will work with a micro-USB cable, too, you can loan this out to friends, too, and not worry about them having a connector at all.
The power pack stores up 6700 mAh of power. This allows me to recharge fully and then some. It also allows me to charge off both ports at once if I want. The cables are short so it might be a tight fit, but it does work. Also, the power available isn't as large as the HubMax previously reviewed, but more than sufficient.

In the end, I'm able to recharge up quickly my new phone without having to carry around any more cables, only the HubPlus, since all the cables are embedded in the device. Good job.
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