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Monday, May 15, 2017

5 Reasons to Choose WordPress for Your Website

One of the biggest fears, when one wants to pursue a career in online marketing, is the creation of a website. Most people are afraid of the technical terminologies and the general language that is used when one creates websites. Just like in the movies, we all have that notion that only those geeks and geniuses with big and thick glasses are the only ones capable of creating and maintaining websites. Thus, most people end up failing without even trying or exploring other methods.

Luckily, through technology and the help of geeks and geniuses, ordinary people can now make their own websites and put their own ideas and content into it. With the creation of WordPress, common people are able to understand the terms behind website creation and would be able to take a more proactive role in the overall maintenance and running of the website. In short, with the help of WordPress, you can easily create your own website without the help of experts.

If you have been afraid of creating your own website in the past, it is now time to put the fears behind and start working on getting that blog or business up and running online. With the help of WordPress, as long as you have basic comprehension and computer knowledge, then everything will be self-explanatory. Furthermore, with the help of a few guides and a walkthrough, a high-quality website will surely be made by YOU.

If you still aren’t totally convinced, here are 5 other reasons why you should go and use WordPress for your website.

1. It is Free
The best things in this world are free. And WordPress perfectly fits in that free category. For the longest time, WordPress has been free for all users to enjoy. It can be downloaded and installed pretty simply and quickly. While there are some features that will require some patronage through payments, these are only additional features and advanced level add-ons. The default and free version pretty much has all the essential aspects that you will need.

2. Easy to Use
As already been said, WordPress is the website creating guide for dummies. It will allow any grown-up person to make their own website. The dashboard and overall menu are very self-explanatory. Furthermore, there will be tutorials offered during installation as well as quick guidelines that will ensure a smooth process. Notifications are available when new versions are available. As long as you are connected, there will be help coming your way, should you require them.

3. SEO Friendly
Competition for rankings is very important for your website, especially if you are running a business or are doing an advertising campaign. The higher your website’s ranking on the search engines, the higher your visitor count will be. Take note that there is a very big margin on the number of unique visitors to the 1st page in search engines and the 2nd page in search engines. What do you do if you have a lower ranking? Use WordPress as it is very advantageous because it is actually very SEO oriented. There are applications that will specifically enhance and improve your SEO rankings.

4. Large Community
Time will come that you will want to explore and do those higher level things on your website. As you get familiar with WordPress, you will be more confident that you will be able to do the harder stuff and will want to ask more experienced users. And with its’ fame and reputation throughout the years, WordPress doesn’t fall short with large forums and a great online community. With their help, you will definitely be able to master those advanced things and further improve your website or blog. You can also ask for help from the WP Hosting Guide from the communities and forums so that you can save time and money in your search for the right host for your website.

5. Mobile Friendly
More and more people are accessing the internet through their mobile phones and tablets. Thus, mobile-friendly has become more famous and preferred among internet users worldwide. With WordPress being mobile-friendly, you can easily convert or even create another version of your website that is mobile friendly.

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  1. I need to give this a try. It sounds awesome. I love that it is free. Thank you so much for sharing