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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Amazon Continues to Reign Supreme Online

Amazon is among the world's biggest retailers. Founded in 1994, its creator, Jeff Bezos, shied away from the rapid, unsustainable growth that led to the dot com bubble, instead aiming to lead his new company to profitability over a period of several years. When the dot com bubble burst, Amazon was one of the few companies left standing. For reasons that are now obvious, it's still standing today.

Amazon's success is built on its success to offer more for less than anyone else can manage. Being an online store, it can give its users access to far more products than any physical store could manage – this is how it beat competitors like Barnes and Noble on sales of its initial product, books. Amazon also rigidly enforces its patents, hoards its user’s private data, keeps labor costs low, and avoids taxes wherever it legally can to ensure that its prices stay as low as possible. This has led to various accusations that its practices are unethical, which hasn't stopped it clocking up years and years of growth and billions of dollars of sales to its hundreds of millions of users over its twenty years in the business.

While some of the criticism aimed at Amazon is likely justified, it is somewhat hypocritical of Barnes and Noble to attack Amazon for doing what Barnes and Noble do – offer lots of books at low prices – only better! An Amazon Canada discount will make your online shopping experience that little bit smoother too, and reveal exactly why, aside from any ethical qualms Amazon might cause in the switched-on shopper, it's managed to dominate the online market not just in publishing, where it started, but in virtually every sector of the market, including ones, like e-books and e-readers, that didn't even exist back in 1994, when Jeff Bezos started the company in his garage.

Although it started out selling only books, Amazon quickly diversified, and now virtually everything is available through Amazon, from USB cables to industrial dishwashers. Its Kindle line of e-readers remains among the most popular despite fierce competition from new companies and old foes alike. Amazon is now also venturing into the online grocery delivery market, hoping to displace big grocery retailers using the same model that led it to overwhelm the biggest names in book selling over the last two decades.

For all that it seems so different, an Amazon com promotional code will get you a saving just like any other shop, which is ultimately what retail is all about. While Amazon made its fortune by being something other than a traditional shop, much of its business model remains familiar: They offer more than their competitors can while charging much less. From that point of view, and for all the hype, Amazon is simply a very, very big shop with the same vices and virtues as any other, except writ large to match Amazon's colossal reach. With locations all over the world and over a dozen country-specific websites, it's a truly global megastore.

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