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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Boost Your Skills with Online Learning

Whether you are looking to go into a new career or you would simply like to learn some new skills, there has never been a better time to develop skills from the comfort of your home. You can attain a wide range of qualifications by enrolling on an online course, so you never have to travel to a college campus or move home to attend a college that is miles away.

We have the luxury of fantastic technology opportunities, so all you need is access to a computer, and you can start learning straight away. It is not just qualifications that you can learn online, you can also develop a range of skills through online resources. How many people use YouTube to look up a video on how to do a task? From changing a bulb in a car headlight, to how to curl your hair, there is an abundance of skills waiting for you to learn through a quick 5-minute video.

If you are looking to build specific work-related skills, for example using Word or PowerPoint, then you can sign up for an official qualification, or if you don’t want to pay out for the skills, you can simply develop them using the online learning materials. While you won’t be able to include them as qualifications on your CV/Resume, you will be able to include them as skills e.g. ‘Highly competent in the creation of PowerPoint slides’ or similar.

Microsoft online training will enable you to develop a broad level of skills, from beginner to advanced and you can build them up gradually rather than over-phasing yourself by going straight onto the advanced training. You can watch videos, read online guides or listen to audio instructions; you can choose whichever method you prefer.

Adobe software skills are in high demand in industries like marketing and web development. So skills like using Photoshop, InDesign or Web Development software are very beneficial to develop if you're looking to pursue a career in this specific area. When you download software packages, some will come with an online training package included. Adobe Creative Cloud package is a good example of this.

In addition to skills that you will use in a working context, you can also develop vital skills for other aspects of your life. For example, if you are learning to drive, you can practice for your theory test by using sites like, where you can test yourself on the types of questions that will appear in your real theory exam.

Whatever skill you require, you can usually find an online learning solution that will help you. Simply type the subject of learning that you are looking for into the Google search bar to see what comes up. You can also use career website recommendations for online courses. For example, LinkedIn recommends using and even offers a free trial, so you can learn a wide range of skills through their online tutorials. There really are so many online options to develop key skills that will help you in your career or your life in general.

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  1. I LOVE online learning. It fits into my life these days - and that is important!!!

  2. I'd love to take some classes online ,it's a great way to learn at your own pace .

  3. There are lots of great places to learn things. I learn languages through and other places, and learn other skills through Coursera or