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Friday, February 10, 2017

Four Pieces of User Data You Should Collect with Your Mobile App

If you have earned yourself an online masters in computer science from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, then you would have likely already created several working mobile applications. You likely wanted to achieve your online computer science masters degree because you knew it would give you the knowledge needed to create your own mobile applications, and that would, in turn, give you the chance to work for yourself as an app developer. Developing apps isn’t easy and much planning is required in order to create a successful app. If you are looking to create a new app for whatever reason, whether it be for a game or to help other students gain their qualifications, then there are ways in which you can take advantage of that and collect important pieces of user’s data which could help you develop apps in the future. Here are four pieces of information you should collect from your app users.

1. Personal Information

You will, of course, need to make it clear to users what information you are collecting, and they would have to agree to your terms before using the app, but collecting personal information such as age, location, gender, and many other bits of personal information could help you determine which audience demographic mostly uses your app. This will then give you a chance to not only better your current app, but it will give you ideas of what needs to be done in the next app you develop.

2. Time Using Your App

You will then want to find out how much time a user uses your app, and what purpose they are using it for. It could be an app that only gets used once per week, whereas many other users may use the app on a daily basis and it will be up to you to try and figure out why. You can offer surveys to your users in the hope they will give you as much information as possible, or you could make users register for an account before they can use the app, and you can ask them questions about what they will be using the app for.

3. What are Your Users Researching?

If your app is a game then they are obviously using the app to play the game, but if you have an app that provides a library of information on a variety of subjects, have a look at what your users are more interested in. This will give you the chance to provide even more information on that subject or expand into other subjects related closely with that one in the near future.

4. What Do the Users do for a Living?

Try to find out what job industry your users work in, as they could be using the app to better their careers or to make their jobs easier. This will give you a chance to collect data on what industry should be targeted, and it will also give you marketing ideas.

The four pieces of information above will give you a great idea on what to implement in the next update or will give you further ideas on the type of app to develop next time. As long as the users know you will be collecting data, you will be able to benefit greatly from their information in numerous ways.
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