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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Sweepstaking Tips for 2017

Besides posting giveaways here on my blog, I like to enter them, too. Here are some tips that I try to follow that should help you win more in the new year.
  1. First off, keep a list of what you've won. You may feel like you're in a rut where you haven't won anything or just feeling down in general. The list will remind you of what you have won. The list also serves as a place to look back on at the end of the year to see how well you did for the whole year. You can set a goal of trying to beat the prior year or see if you are wasting your time. You can also easily see who didn't send your prize yet. For me, I had 35 wins for the year, with the smallest win being a bag of Skittles.
  2. Speaking of Skittles, that leads to the second tip. Find sweepstakes with lots of prizes. The Mars Candy Bowl Game that I won the Skittles in has over 50,000 prizes. Most blogger giveaways are for a single prize, but multiple prize giveaways do exist on the blogger side, too. I've heard of sweepstakes where there were too many prizes for too few participants.
  3. If you really want to win something now, entering a giveaway that ends in 3-6 months or longer will not help. Find a list of expiring sweeps and go through the list and enter into the giveaways that end today.
  4. Another way to win something now is by entering in Instant Win sweepstakes, similar to the Mars Candy Bowl Game just mentioned.
  5. Don't waste your time entering giveaways for prizes you don't need or want. I used to enter giveaways for everything under the sun. I used to win more sweepstakes, too. However, I had no use for half the prizes I won. The exception to this is for things that you can easily resell and get cash for.
  6. A second list you want to have besides your win list is a list of prizes you want to win. This serves as a reminder to look for these types of giveaways. You can search in the various giveaway directories out there for things like gift card prizes, and stick to entering those giveaways. This works best for specific prizes like a KitchenAid mixer versus general topics like electronics.
  7. When identifying what you want to win, remember that others are entering in to win the same prize. Identify prizes you want to try to win that others aren't. Everyone wants to win electronics, a car, and gift cards. Less people are trying to win a Yeti cooler, something I've been trying to for some time. Everyone wants to win the HGTV Dream Home.
  8. I used to recommend people get something like RoboForm to help them fill in forms more quickly. It still helps, but built in browser support for autofilling forms is better than it used to be.
  9. Use referrals. Some giveaways give you extra entries if you get a friend to enter with your referral link. Find a group of like-minded friends where you can swap links with. (Consider finding a Facebook group, too.) In some cases, you might get 25 entries for a friend to enter versus that single entry you initially got.
  10. If a giveaway allows daily entries, enter daily for the best chance to win. Keep a list of dailies you want to enter. You can quickly and easily go through a list of saved sweepstakes to get those daily entries in. Be sure to include the end date in the list so you known when to remove from list.
  11. Read the rules. It sounds simple but you don't want to enter sweepstakes you can't win. That motorcycle you're trying to win might require you to have a motorcycle license already. Or, you might be required to pickup a prize in person for a giveaway halfway across the country. In the case of the Mars Candy Bowl giveaway mentioned above, you can win five times in it. Along with reading the rules, watch for when the giveaway ends. A picture might show a giveaway ends on 12/25, but if the end time is midnight, you have no time to enter on 12/25.
  12. Lastly, have fun. If you're stressing too much for not winning something or spending too much time sweeping that it affects your health, consider alternatives.
One more thing worth mentioning... or two really... While I have sold some of what I've won that I had no use for, or if I won duplicates, consider donating your winnings. Some items just aren't worth the effort to sell and ship. Find a local charity that might accept the items. Also, look into trading / bartering your winnings with others.
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  1. Awesome Tips John!!Definitely sharing these!

  2. Yes all good tips. I starting entering giveaways on 12/25/15 & did keep a list. I was shocked to check it yesterday & see I had won 114 items this year! Yes most were just $10 Amazon but those add up & I loved it! This year I am going to keep a list of the giveaways expiring soon with daily entries like you said. I think I'll keep them all in an email to myself. That way I should be able to click the link & go right to each one of them saving more time. I did donate about 24 items that I won to a homeless shelter. I love doing these giveaways!I had my first win for the new year today a cookbook so off to a great start. I do keep a list of each item won with dates won, dates actually received & the email address of the winning email. I did not receive & had to give up on 4 prizes that I won because the sponsors just disappeared & won't honor their prize fulfillment.

  3. Forgot to add that the only huge item I won was a SteamOne Garment Steamer worth $300 & a $100 Walmart gc. All other prizes were much smaller in the $10-$30 range.

  4. Hope you don't me writing again. For the giveaways for specific items you want you could set a google alert & have them come to you instead of searching for them. Or of course search using MyPoints so maybe you can win a bonus.