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Friday, January 20, 2017

Great Customer Service with Booster Bricks LEGO Flash Deals

So, my son is a big LEGO fan. We got him a ton of LEGO Ninjago sets for Christmas and his birthday, which follows soon thereafter. I recently ran across a LEGO-related site called Booster Bricks and thought I'd share about a good customer service experience I had with them.

If you've never heard of Booster Bricks, they offer bulk purchases of pieces and specialized items, like animals or boats, sometimes sold by the pound even. What I've used them for, though, is their weekly flash sales. Once a week, they'll email you, offering you something like 40 bigger LEGO pieces for under $10 or a mini-fig and a bunch of accessories for the same. They of course try to up-sell you to buy more, but you don't have to.
It is this latter flash sale experience I wanted to share about, and I hope other companies were as responsive when a customer reports a problem. The problem? The staircase brick above had a broken step. Not that big a deal when you consider it was one piece in a set of about 40 that I got for maybe $8 or $10 I think. I emailed their customer support account and was hoping to get a credit on a future purchase. I wasn't asking for a refund. I knew I would buy from them again and was just hoping for a little bit off on my next order.
Their response? Sorry, we can't do that, but we can send you additional pieces as an apology. I was thinking maybe a half dozen or so pieces. I wasn't expecting much. Above is the package I just got from them.

All I can say is a great way to handle customer service and thanks. I believe they sell these bags for about $10 each, so including postage, easily $20. I wish all of  my responses to contacting customer service about a problem were handled this well.

If your child collects LEGO bricks, do sign up for the FLASH sale emails from Booster Bricks.You won't be disappointed.

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