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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Sensei Pruning Shears Review

We used to have a lawn care service that we paid too much money for every month. Since letting them go, I've enjoyed doing the lawn care and gardening work as it gives me quality family time with my nine-year old son, and wife, too, if she cares to help out. While I'm still waiting for the time when I feel he'll be safe with the lawn mower, he still enjoys helping out where he can in other ways. One thing he can help out with is the gardening. We also have some bushes that get out of hand that need pruning quite regularly. Without the hired help, I found the need for a whole bunch of gardening tools (and a new lawn mower).

Last year, we reviewed the Hori Hori Japanese Garden Digging Knife. It has proven to be extremely helpful ever since, including getting a workout when we were mulching. This year, we received new 8.5" pruning shears from Sensei. While you can use an electric hedge trimmer for a quick once over to do a trim of the hedges, it doesn't offer the ability to strategically trim things back in a way where the bush will still grow back, looking better hopefully. A set of pruning shears offer that ability.

The Sensei pruning shears are a great way to address your trimming needs. As any new set of shears should be, they are extremely sharp and it is easy to use them to cut through the minor twigs/branches you'll run across while trimming things down. I can't claim how long the sharpness will last, but the extra-strong SK5 carbon steel blades come with a 100% lifetime warranty, so if they were to ever dull, you'll only have to wait for a replacement set. The blades also have a small notch in them so you'll be able to cut wire or really thin branches.

The shears come with forged aluminum handles with a plastic non-stick coating on them. The handles are comfortable to use long term and won't slip from sweat. Between the two handles is a spring which pushes them open after each usage. The handles also have a latch to keep them closed for safety. You won't want to leave them open in your toolbox and later place your hand inside for a potentially deadly surprise.

Overall, these are a handy set of shears to own that won't disappoint, provided you take care of them. They shouldn't rust, but you want to treat them well so they're around for the long haul.
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  1. Thank you for sharing. I need a good pair of shears. We have lots of bushes.