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Friday, October 7, 2016

Rosewill Prelude Headphones Review

Rosewill Prelude Headphones Review
We've had several giveaways for headphones on here lately. I recently had the chance to try out a set not associated with a giveaway. The headphones are from Rosewill and are their Prelude Over Ear Headphones (Model RWH-001).

The basics on the headphones... They retail for $79.99, though are available for just $49.99 at Amazon. They weigh about 6 ounces and come with two cords, both are 3.94 feet long. One cord has an inline microphone, while the other doesn't. They plug into the left earpiece. There are swivel ear cups lined with foam ear cushions. And, the top of the headphones are cushioned with foam.

There is a second version of the Prelude headphones from Rosewill, their model RWH-002. While the sound driver is the same, the ear pieces do not swivel and have a more plastic look. These retail for $59.99 and are currently listed on Amazon for $54.99. Just stick with the RWH-001 model if these sound interesting to you. No need to pay more for a lesser set of headphones.
The biggest question... how do they sound? For a $49.99 set of headphones, these sound great, perfectly clear, even with heavy bass songs, like Demons from Imagine Dragons (a favorite I like to try on all headphones). They have a frequency range of 5 HZ - 50 KHZ, offering clear acoustics across a breadth of needs like for listening to classical music, a DVD action movie, an audio book, or just the latest top 40 pop hits. All came across flawlessly, even at the upper volume levels.

What might I do differently? I'd love to try these out in a Bluetooth version. Short of that, perhaps a longer cord, like five feet instead of just shy of four. Otherwise, these will not disappoint you, especially for a $50 set of headphones. I've tried some headphones costing twice as much that don't sound as good. They compare very favorably to the V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Headphones that cost $300 that I reviewed over a year ago, yet cost 1/6th the price. Those are the headphones I use regularly at work when listening to music. One area those perform better in is sound leakage, you can pickup some audio leaking out of the Rosewill Prelude headphones when placed over ears. This is probably more related to a looser head fit on the ears.

One last thing to mention is how comfortable these are to wear, even after listening to music with them over extended periods of time. Their lightweight nature helps here but how they feel on the ears is more important.

Considering giving the Rosewill Prelude RWH-001 headphones for some Christmas presents... I know several people who would like to get their hands on these.

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  1. Thanks for your review of the Rosewill Prelude headphones. I have been looking for a reasonably priced set of headphones for my son and these seem to fit the bill. Thanks!