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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Minecraft Metropolis Madness Giveaway / Boston (Randolph)

Super League is the world’s first and biggest video game league that takes place in movie theaters worldwide. Bringing gamers of all ages together for a social, face-to-face gameplay experience on the big screen, Super League is establishing theatre auditoriums as the ultimate place to play some of the world’s most popular games.

To date, Minecraft is arguably the world’s most popular game, with over 70 million people having purchased it and more than 42 million Minecraft-related videos currently uploaded to YouTube.

How it works:

Gamers will bring their laptop into the movie theatre and connect to the Super League server. Once connected, they’ll join a lobby with up to 100 other gamers at the event. Teams will be formed and gamers will embark on 90 minutes of Minecraft fun. Metropolis Madness is a four-week “league” running once a week from October 19 to November 9. The league and all of its games feature a “city” theme, drawing from historical US landmarks - the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Alcatraz Island, Central Park, and more. Tickets must be purchased for the whole league upfront. The $80 cost of admission includes entry to all four events.

For more information and to see if available in a city near you, visit

And, now for the giveaway. I have TEN complimentary passes to the Showcase Randolph Theater beginning October 19th. The events run on Wednesday nights from 4:30-6:00 pm. The passes will only work if you are local to the Boston area. Sorry, they will not work at any location. While I'd love to get a whole slew of entries, given the hyper local nature of the giveaway, one of the questions is how many passes you would like if you win. If you have multiple children who would like to participate, or want to have a child bring a friend, please ask for more than one. I'll allow up to two per winner. Giveaway will run through 11:59pm on October 17th, giving me the 18th to get the passes out. It is via an electronic code so no need to snail mail anything. Good luck and please share giveaway with friends. If you win, you have to use the tickets yourself. You can't resell them.

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  1. you play games on your computer and can watch it on the theater's big screen

  2. It sounds like there will be learning involved throughout the competition. Thanks for the chance.