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Friday, September 2, 2016

ChargeHub 7-Port Charging Station Review

ChargeHub 7-Port Charging Station Review
Once upon a time it was sufficient to have a single wall plug to charge your mobile phone. Nowadays, with all the tablets, Bluetooth headsets and speakers, and multiple devices per person, a wall outlet can be quickly overrun charging all the family devices. That's where charging stations come into play. Plug one device, the charging station, into the wall and then plug all the USB connectors for each device into the charging station. They work kind of like a power strip, but for USB connectors.

I recently had the chance to try out the ChargeHub 7-port USB Universal Charging Stations from Limitless Innovations. It offers seven ports for charging your favorite devices, where it requires just one outlet for itself to be plugged into.
While you can certainly use your own cables to plug into the ChargeHub, the hub also comes with seven short cables, too.  There are two each Lightning to USB, 30-Pin to USB, and Micro to USB cables, and one Mini to USB cable. Plus, you have the option of plugging the hub into a wall outlet or a car lighter.
In addition to all the USB connectors, the hub has a blue backlight that can be on or off, high or low. I tend to leave it off but if you need nightlight to find your device perhaps... you can leave it on.

Spread across the seven outlets, the hub can put out 8.8 amps, with a max per port of 2.4. Most phones require 1 amp, while tablets are typically 2. MP3 players and headphones tend to be on the low side, too.
The hub checks in at $59.99, comes in seven different colors, and even two different shapes. The price is a little on the high side compared to other hubs, but those don't come with the extra cables or the car charging cable typically. Some even have a lower max ampage, so check for your needs to see what is best for you. Seven seems like a good number of ports. I typically have at least half full just from rechargeable power banks.

Overall, I like the hub. It is the only one I've seen that came with seven cables and could be charged from a car. I find these great to have around the house where people can just charge everything in one place and not have to worry about where to plug in their adapter. 

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  1. I'd buy one, (and when the price comes down, I'd buy one for every other room in my house). I like that they give you the cords and you can charge in the car...really nice additions.

  2. With limited finances, it would still serve an important roll (should I find a way to get the funds) within my family, where each of us would use it for a different reason and I found it in my best interest because of the hub; which has a blue backlight that can be on or off, high or low. Being my disability and the elders within my family I'd likely leave it on as it could be used as a nightlight in the hall... should someone have to get up at night for some reason.

  3. That is pretty cool. That way everything would be in one place.