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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Matthew Santoro's MIND=BLOWN Book Review

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It is last day for the MIND=BLOWN with YouTube Star Matt Santoro Giveaway and time for a review of the book. Matthew Santoro can be a bit crazy. He makes YouTube videos with the occasional top ten list. This book is basically a collection based on the videos, but goes much more beyond that. It is a book of facts. Some amazing, some weird, some hilarious, all very interesting.

I'd have to say the book is not meant to be read cover to cover. Certainly you can, but it feels like you should just pick it up, flip it open to some section/page and read. If you read it before, find a different section. Some sections are quick facts, others lengthier. All of them have interesting bits of information. Some of this information you might want to learn and remember. Others, like the fake Canadian superstitions, are just weird, which is part of the title.

The book is broken down into five parts:

  1. Rules of Amazement
  2. Who Came Up with That?
  3. That Can't Be true, Can It?
  4. No Freakin' Way!
  5. Fact Favorites
After reading through the book, most of the stories could go into any of the sections.

Some random facts I learned from the book:
  • A buttload is an actual measurement, equal to roughly 126 gallons.
  • No one knows who invented the fire hydrant because the patent burned in a fire.
  • In 1386, a pig in France was convicted of murder and executed by public hanging.
Who's the target audience of the book? Anyone who likes to learn those interesting facts, so they can then share the news/stories.

Great fun book to sink your teeth into.

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