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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Just How Smart Are Smart Glasses?

Image by Google
In the 21st century, we find ourselves in an era of radical technological innovation, where new concepts are surfacing every other day with infinite possibilities of what could be developed from them. With the amount of research and technological development over the past few years, these unique ideas have captured the eyes of major key players on the market and certainly with good reason when they have the potential of radically changing our lifestyles.

What’s The Deal with Smart Glasses?

The introduction to the concept of Smart Glasses in was a staggering inception to the minds of many. With the advances of wearable technology, there is a lot that seems to be possible with these eye gizmos. Even with aesthetically appealing external features, a pair of smart glasses can access social networking apps and set up voice and video chats with friends.

These digital devices are often used by professional athletes to track their speed or altitude, they help everyday individuals, like you, to navigate around various locations and they are even used by organizational management to provide crucial and interactive data to their employees, whether in the field or at the office. The advantage with smart glasses is that they bring all the conveniences of a smartphone out of your pocket and right into your peripheral vision with features easily accessible by voice control, slight eye movements or a single button.

Where Did It All Begin?

The Google Glass was certainly the century’s introduction to the concept of Smart Glasses possibilities. Tech lovers all over the world were blown away in 2013 when the features of this technologically infused device were revealed, features that keep us connected and make communication as instant as the tap of an eyeglasses frame.

The idea behind the Google Glass was to design an aesthetically convenient device that could improve our social connectivity with the world around us and give us the power to capture images, look up content, record videos oh and so much more.

The Google Glass, although a splendid concept still, however, needed a bit of testing before being made available to the market. Although a few prototypes have been released in recent years for us to get our first feel of what is to come, Google is still at work to improve upon its original idea to make it a reality. We are waiting in anticipation.

The pause by Google certainly hasn't slowed down rivals in the smart glass market from taking the lead with innovative digital eyewear that is gaining traction quite fast. Here are a few of the outstanding models of eyewear that are currently revolutionizing our idea of visual experiences:

Literally a Game Changer: Cast AR

Now when Cast AR says that they are a game-changer, they are not kidding, they literally are.

Gone are the days when computer games were tightly sealed into your computer screen leaving you feeling just a tad bit excluded from all the adventure. Say hello to Generation Y gaming where every one of your video games becomes part of the world around you. The brand focuses augmented tabletop games, a new and revolutionary visual experience set to take gaming to a whole new level.

What makes the CastAR so unique is that unlike most virtual reality gaming eyewear that close off the real world and project a 3D designed world before your eyes, the CastAR projects 3D graphics into the real world. An interesting feature of the smart glasses is the Magic Wand which is a versatile tool that gives you the ability to interact with augmented reality.

The camera logged in the middle of the set of glasses scans your surroundings from which it then delivers these images through the projectors onto a retro-reflective surface. So say for instance you are in control of a miniature army that is about to invade the territory of an enemy all projected onto a table, your CastAR glasses would enable you to capture every detail of your army's attire, the enemy's camp site, etc. with superb clarity. The glasses project 1280 x 720 resolution per eye at 120 hertz along with a 65-degree field of view and is a total fun bomb for the whole family. All in all, it is a game lover's haven that gives you the freedom to enjoy more and to interact more without any limits on how far you can really reach.

Smart Glasses+ Prescription Glasses: Epson Moverio Bt-200

Now the question that is probably on your mind is whether these smart glasses engineers have indeed thought of everything as far as catering to every eye tech enthusiast: What about the folks that don’t have 20/20 vision? Well, thankfully there is a team that has gone a step further in making sure that their smart glasses are really smart, by ensuring that they can be aided with prescription glasses.

The Epson Moverio Bt-200 3D new era glasses come with a range of powerful features such as HD video recording, that are perfect for keeping family vacations archived for years. The Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity of the sunglasses enable you to connect your glasses seamlessly to each of your devices and transfer data. You can run all of your social apps from this Android 4.0 powered mega-gadget and even capture unforgettable moments instantly with the HD camera. There is even a memory card slot that allows you to store a lot more data.

The incredible display on the glasses is logged outside of the glasses lenses and projects images onto the lenses. The highlight feature on these glasses is the augmented reality feature that gives you the power to switch between the real world and a 3D high graphic augmented world. This is definitely an all in one make ahead of the tech curve in innovation.

Turning Corporations into Efficient Engines:

The Vuzix M300

The Vuzix M300 is an innovation masterpiece with a unique purpose and powerful features to transform work environments into efficient engines. This digitally advanced pair of smart glasses is ergonomically designed to enhance workflow dynamics through a set of instant visual communication capabilities and access to instructions and guidelines. This revolutionary gadget goes by the name Vuzix M300.


The technology behind the M300 design is integrated onto a core platform using the Intel Atom processor, thereby allowing data to be exchanged instantly and accurately on a single platform. The glasses come with pre-installed apps that enable you to conveniently track calendar events and even connect with your mobile through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity. With expandable memory, HD recording and bar-code scanning capabilities, the M300 introduces a hands-free and convenient approach to product tracking, and more visual ways of keeping a record of tasks. With such powerful innovation, it's no wonder enterprises are seeking ways to incorporate this device in various business functions.
What Else Can I Do With It?

Falling on the popularity of the release of the Vuzix M100, the M300 is designed with enhanced functionality. With its built-in head tracking GPS system that provides installed apps with your location as well as the direction of your current view, this Vuzix model ensures situational awareness at all times.

The Vuzix M300 intorduces a new level of convenience with its easy to use voice, button press and gesture controls to access features while your hands are hard at work. The full proof water and dust resistant materials provide you with a safe and comfortable wear in just about any working space. Interested in getting your hands on the M300, well Vuzix has now opened up a pre-order deposit program to guarantee you your very own set of smart glasses during the first shipment of the product, this summer of 2016.

The Future of Smart Glasses

Smart Glasses are a remarkable development of an already existing technology, traditional eyeglasses. They are no longer just a concept, they are a reality, one that has the potential to make traditional eyewear obsolete in the future. The features are only increasing and the possibilities are infinite. Moving forward it looks like we are headed for more out of the box capabilities such as augmented and virtual reality features. The craze seems to have taken over everything tech related. In the meantime, let's keep a lookout.

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  1. I love all the features, but particularly like the HD video recording capability so I could save events without having to consciously keep a camera in front of my face all the time.