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Thursday, July 28, 2016

GhostBed Mattress Unboxing and Foundation Assembly

How frequently do you get a new mattress? For us, our old mattress was long past its prime where the springs started coming out the side. Getting a new one never quite reached the top of our priority list. Thankfully, I was recently offered the chance to try out a GhostBed mattress from Nature's Sleep. Say good-bye to that old mattress.

If you're like I was and not familiar with GhostBed, they offer a foam-based mattress that you buy online and it is drop-shipped right to your door. No showroom to visit and all you have to do is pick the right size from their web site. Besides size, the other option is whether or not you want a new foundation for the mattress. With a coil-based mattress, you would think of the foundation as the box spring. You can certainly use the GhostBed on a boxspring, I chose to get the new foundation. They ship within 24 hours of ordering. Concerned about GhostBed being a new mattress company? They're part of the Nature's Sleep family which has been around for 35 years.

When the mattress arrives, it comes vacuum sealed and is literally rolled up so doesn't take too much space. The foundation comes in pieces and you have to put that together. Combined, the two took me about 30 minutes to assemble the foundation and setup the mattress. Get a helping hand and you can easily do things in half the time. Watch the Foundation Assembly instructional video on YouTube and you'll save yourself some time for sure.

When I first setup the mattress, my nine-year old soon jumped on it and said he hated it. The reason... you couldn't jump up and down on it. As I mentioned earlier, the mattress is foamed based. Three different layers, to provide the right level of comfort and temperature.
  1. The top layer is one and a half inches of three and a half pound density aerated material that does not retain body heat
  2. The middle layer is two inches of four pound density material that helps to pull the heat away from your body ensuring your body stays cool at night
  3. The bottom layer is seven and half inches of two pound density material for support.
Combined, you get an eleven inch latex foam mattress.

I've been sleeping on the new mattress for about a month now and noticed an immediate improvement in the quality of sleep. I'm sure the age of the old mattress had something to do with that but I immediately felt comfortable sleeping on the GhostBed. My son has even come around to loving the mattress, too, even though he can no longer jump up and down on the bed. I think the safety factor is an added bonus of going with the foam mattress.

When you buy the made in the USA mattress, it comes with a 101 day trial period where you can return if you don't like. Just because you don't have a showroom to visit doesn't mean you can't get a good test out of it. In fact, with 101 days to try out, it is better than some regular mattress store which won't take back a mattress once it is out of its plastic.

Prior to getting my new GhostBed mattress I had never slept on a latex foam mattress. My wife in particular always thought you just sank into them and couldn't roll over. I've had no problem with that at all. The one issue I do have is when sitting on the side of the bed, or at the foot of the bed. It sinks. There is no support at the edges. A minor inconvenience I've learned to live with. Sitting on the corner seems to work great though.

Want to try one out yourself? Just visit the GhostBed showroom (its website) and see what they have to offer. You'll get an immediate savings of $50. Do remember to register your warranty. You have 30 days for that. You'll be enjoying the comfort of the new mattress in no time.

One final comment... as previously stated, the mattress is shipped right to your door (by your local UPS/Fedex delivery service). It is your responsibility of moving it from door to bedroom. Just get some extra hands if you find the mattress too heavy to move yourself. Some of them are really big and heavy, even when compacted down in a vacuum sealed bag. With that said, setup was a breeze, as the earlier video shows.

Update: One month later....

So, I've been sleeping on the mattress for about a month now. How do I like it? I feel I've been getting a better night's sleep. I still don't get enough sleep but that which I do get helps me wake up more fulfilled. I don't feel as hot at night. I'm not sure if that is related to the different layers of the mattress foam or just a not so hot August. My son has been hanging out in the bed more. I know he likes to watch TV in the bedroom but I think it is because he finds the bed more comfortable as he goes in there to just read, too. I did put a mattress pad back on the bed. I got spoiled by a super fluffy mattress pad on the bad old mattress. The GhostBed was more comfortable than the old mattress without the pad but I still missed the pad. Overall, I like mattress. I wish I had tried a foam mattress sooner. My biggest concern before getting one was sleeping in a "pit" and not being able to roll over in the middle of the night. That has not been a problem at all. The mattress ends are soft so I do have to be more careful when I sit on end of bed, but other than that, the softness of the mattress has not been an issue. If anything, it is more comfortable. As for the foundation, my son likes it more. He likes crawling under the bed and the open bottom foundation gives him more room. Zzzzz...

Disclosure: I received the above mentioned product for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received. All opinions stated are my own and may differ from yours. See my disclosure policy for more information.


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