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Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Future of Voice Search

Science fiction has been telling us that voice commands would be the wave of the future for as long as most of us can remember. And finally, with the recent advances made in voice searching technology, it looks like we're moving closer toward that awesome goal. But what exactly does the future of voice searching look like?

Better Recognition
The biggest thing that the future holds for voice searching is that programs will get better at reading the human voice. This will allow for more variance in things like accents and speech impediments. If we look at the past few years, it is clear that we have already seen a lot of advancement in this area.

Original voice searching programs required the user to speak very slowly and clearly. Now virtually any drunk college student can slur something to Siri and find out where the nearest pizza place is. As time goes on, this technology will only grow even greater.

More Voice Assistants
Intelligent voice assistants have become one of the biggest new features for major companies. These include things like Siri or Cortana, and they help sell products because they are just so cool. Well, good news! It looks like we can all get used to speaking to our technology and having it speak back.

While the technology to make a voice assistant used to be reserved for only the largest corporations, it is almost becoming commonplace now. This means that technology will likely get far more personal as we begin to speak and gesture with our devices to operate the user interface.

If there was any doubt that we lived in the future, it was thrown out the window the minute we started having conversations with the supercomputers in our pockets.

Computers Will Always Listen
That may be a creepy heading, but the reality is actually extremely convenient. Imagine being in a conference room and everyone is arguing about some fact that nobody can quite remember correctly. Suddenly, the computer shows that it has already Googled the answer. But nobody asked it to. This is the future of voice searching technology.

When you think about it, it seems pretty logical. Computers can search better than us, detect images better than us, it is only a matter of time before they can hear better than us, too. And as their intelligence grows, they will be able to respond to needs without being asked.

While it may sound like science-fiction, this is actually very fitting with the current trends. After all, we have all grown accustomed to having limitless information at our fingertips. The next step is losing the need to ask for the information and to simply have it handed to us.

Voice technology may be one of the most exciting fields to watch expand simply because it strikes a chord with us. To see machines that can talk and understand, something that we only saw on the movie screens, fills many people with a sense of awe.

Not to mention that it is going to make our lives infinitely simpler. If you were wondering what the future of voice search looks like, you can be rest assured that it is going to be amazing.

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