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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Sports Essentials with BODYARMOR

Do you have a kid involved in sports? Mine is a rock climber. When he's done, he can be super sweaty and is always grabbing for a drink of water, especially so in the summer. While water is essential and helps the body out, on its own, water doesn't replenish all that is lost from sweating. You need to replace the lost electrolytes and vitamins, too. That's where a good sports drink comes into play, where you get not just the hydration, but also the lost body essentials, too.

Don't just bring that jug of water to the game / event, bring a sports drink, like BODYARMOR. With BODYARMOR, not only can you replace all the lost electrolytes and vitamins, but you get a natural alternative, with no artificial colors and natural flavors/sweeteners. Everything on the label you can read, or at least know what they are, as some of the vitamin compounds may be a little tricky.
We got to try out a six pack, though there are eight flavors:
  • Fruit Punch
  • Orange Mango
  • Tropical Punch
  • Strawberry Banana
  • Grape
  • Lemon Lime
  • Mixed Berry
  • Blackout Berry
I only received a six-pack to try out so no Grape or Mixed Berry here.

The first thing you notice about the BODYARMOR sport drinks is they are 10% coconut water based. Filtered water is the number one ingredient in the beverage, followed by pure cane sugar, but right after that in all their beverages is coconut water. Thankfully, they're not chemical laden, as my wife is big into non-processed/packaged foods, making her own bread, pasta, and yogurt for instance. So you shouldn't feel guilty about buying and drinking bottled up hydration. You'll get the necessary sodium, potassium, and other key items, all without caffeine.

Taste-wise, they're sweet, but you'll love the taste. The kids definitely love the sweeter flavoring. It gets the job done of replacing what the body needs with a good amount of flavoring beyond just its natural goodness. 

Want to try? In the Boston area, you can find them at Stop & Shop, Shaw’s, Target, 7-Eleven, Market Basket. There is even a 50¢ BODYARMOR coupon available to try them out. Your store might double it and you can print the coupon twice.

Follow them on the web at and be sure to follow them on social media at:

Twitter: @drinkbodyarmor

Instagram: @drinkbodyarmor

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