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Friday, March 4, 2016

Disney-Pixar's THE GOOD DINOSAUR Review

By now, the winners of our giveaway of the digital version of The Good Dinosaur should all have their codes. So, it is time for me to review the movie. The basic premise of the movie is what if the asteroid missed the Earth instead of hitting and never caused all the giant dinosaurs to become extinct. Warning, plot details revealed in the review below.

The big green guy in the photo is named Arlo. He's played by Raymond Ochoa and is the youngest in a family of apatosaurus. The story tells of his tale where he gets separated from his family in a storm and essentially must find his way back, confronting many of his fears along the way.

Arlo names the little cave boy Spot. He's supposedly orphaned and always getting into trouble with the creatures of the time. It seems the carnivores think he might be tasty. 
The story starts out with Arlo living at home on a farm and being the runt of the litter. Mom and dad aren't the happiest with him and send him off to guard their corn silo. Spot gets captured by a trap but Arlo doesn't want to hurt him and let's him go. Dad has Arlo chase after him, which unfortunately results in dad dying in a flash flood. Later, Arlo gets caught up in the river after seeing Spot and is carried away after hitting his head, waking up far from home.
From here that's where the fun parts of the movie begin, where you're introduced to other dinosaurs. Some want to eat Spot, and possibly Arlo, while others end up protecting them. To gain the protection of the larger dinosaurs, the pair show off their own skills in hunting and tracking.

In the end, Spot ends up with a family of his own kind and Arlo makes his way home to his family. Happily ever after.
Being from Pixar, the graphics in the movie are fantastic. The storyline itself is common, where a character finds himself on a journey home after becoming lost. The combination of the two create a story that the PG friendly crowd will love. Some scenes might be a little rough on the younger bunch, but my nine year old was a fan, enjoying the show immensely. Plenty of music throughout, though nothing they'll be singing after the show is over.
The movie runs 93 minutes long.

Beyond the movie, you'll find plenty of extras:

THEATRICAL SHORT – Sanjay’s Super Team - Sanjay loves the world of cartoons and comics, while his father tries to draw him into his Hindu traditions. Reluctance quickly turns into awe-inspiring adventure as the boy embarks on an amazing journey, returning with a new perspective they can both embrace.

TRUE LIES ABOUT DINOSAURS - We know – it’s preposterous to think Apatosaurs spoke English. Learn more about what separates the fictional dinosaurs of “The Good Dinosaur“ from what scientists know about real dinosaurs.

RECYCLOSAURUS - Pixar takes creative competition seriously. Maybe a little too seriously. Watch as “The Good Dinosaur” crew competes to see which department can create the best dinosaur ever…using only discarded items from the studio’s “free table.”

THE FILMMAKERS’ JOURNEY - Finding your way from an idea to a film takes a lot of exploration. Director Peter Sohn and his fellow filmmakers talk about the challenging, inspiring, and unexpectedly emotional experience of making “The Good Dinosaur.”

EVERY PART OF THE DINOSAUR - The filmmakers talk about the special animation challenges of “The Good Dinosaur” – including figuring out how to animate a dinosaur who’s really a boy, and a boy who’s got the spirit of a dog.

FOLLOWING THE T-REX TRAIL - Follow the filmmakers as they travel to a working cattle ranch and meet the McKays, a close-knit family whose work ethic, generosity, and stories inspired the T-Rex ranchers of the film.

COMMENTARY - Commentary from director Peter Sohn, story supervisor Kelsey Mann, supervising animator Mike Venturini, director of photography/lighting Sharon Calahan, and supervising technical director Sanjay Bakshi.

DINO BITES - Montage of original animated pieces produced to promote “The Good Dinosaur.”

HIDE AND SEEK - A short animated clip produced to promote “The Good Dinosaur.”

  • The Attack - An idyllic introduction to the family farm is cut short when a savage predator attacks the newborn Arlo. With an introduction by Director Peter Sohn.
  • Building the Silo – An admiring Arlo is thrilled to follow along as his father builds a silo for the family farm. With an introduction by Director Peter Sohn.
  • Waiting for Poppa – Arlo awaits the return of his beloved father on a stormy night, only to be greeted with tragic news. With an introduction by Director Peter Sohn.
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  1. This looks so cute but I know it would make me cry...Disney movies always do that to me lol!

  2. This looks like a movie my grandkids would love!