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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Avoiding Carbon Copy Design When You Use Off-the-shelf Website Builders

It has been over 15 years since the industry recognized that the average creative management person should not have to be a coding genius in order to put a website up that reflects their vision. Today, after years of fits and starts, although you may still run into hosting providers that have very vanilla capabilities, it is possible to find a hosting partner that can give you the automated tools that you need to be successful.

Here are some features to look for when you choose a hosting provider that features automated design:

Templates can be important
Templates allow you to customize the look of your website in ways that can help you to compete with websites that cost thousands of dollars to create. Some hosting vendors like have a large library of templates that you can use to create a framework for your site information when you use their services. One advantage of using their templates is that many of them are designed to work with any type of device because they are responsive. Clients who visit your website will be able to use a tablet, a smartphone, or their computer and still see material optimized for them. Another advantage is that the templates that they have are occasionally updated by their author, giving you the capability of increasing your functionality as you go without breaking your website.

Look for a good management console
Because you will have a high degree of automation with your website, most of your time will be spent updating it and inputting content and images. It is, therefore, a good idea to find a hosting vendor that provides you with a management console for your website within their builder system that is easy to use and efficient. The best way to test this is to look for an online demo of the software that they run and try it out. The key thing is to see how much time you can save by using that particular system. If it requires that you follow too many steps, you will be wasting your time for a few years as you enter data.

Extensibility is an important feature
Every website builder in the hosting and web design world offers a different set of compatibilities with existing widgets and technologies. If you prefer that your data be stored in a specific type of database or if you would like to ensure that you can natively render file types, you will want to find a website builder that is compatible with your requirements. This also holds true for updates. When you are looking for your website builder, check to see how frequently there are updates for it. If it doesn't get updated that often, tomorrow's technology compatibility may not natively find its way into your website for a while.

Being able to show your creativity while still using a high degree of automation in your website design is a feature that is still confined to some of the top website hosting companies. Finding a partner that offers this type of service will save you time and money while netting you superior results.

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