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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Kahiki Pork Potstickers Review

Kahiki provides frozen Asian entrees like Chicken Lo Mein, General Tso’s Chicken, and Szechuan Pepper Steak. Recently, I had the chance to try out their latest offerings, dim sum, or pork dumplings specifically. Like other Kahiki offerings, they're 100% natural with no MSG, no preservatives, and no artificial flavorings.

The package includes twenty dumplings and offers directions for three different ways of preparation: stove top (pan-fried), boil, and microwave. They're preferred way of preparation is pan-fried which is what I ended up doing. The whole preparation takes less than fifteen minutes, which is longer than the five minutes in the microwave but you get what should be a tastier shell for the pork.

To prepare the dumplings, just add a little bit of oil to coat the bottom of the pan and a third of a cup of water. Add the dumplings, cover, and let them cook for 8-9 minutes on medium heat. Then, safely remove the cover and raise the heat to medium-high. Give it another 2-3 minutes for the rest of the remaining water to steam away. This will create a nice crust on the shells. Remove from pan and you're done.
The bag contains two packets of soy sauce for you to use if you so desire. If you prepare half the bag (two servings), you would use one of the packages.

Tastewise, the whole family tried. For my nine-year old son, he liked the seasoning on the pork inside but wasn't a fan of the shell. He never eats the shell so that wasn't a surprise. For my wife, she felt the shell was thin and not too doughy. She prefers doughy. I liked both shell and seasoning. The seasoning on the filling wasn't too spicy, tasting the onion, ginger, and sesame most, probably.

Overall, for me, I nice success. I'll get to eat the rest myself.

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