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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Four Ways Software Developers Can Generate Positive PR

Generating positive PR in the software industry can be challenging without a well-rounded strategy that involves several forms of brand promotion. You'd think that simply building a genuinely useful software would be enough to bring hordes of users and visitors to your site on an ongoing basis. Unfortunately, such set-it-and-forget-it results simply don't exist in today's competitive online landscape. Instead, a proactive approach and a bit of creativity might be required to get your company's name out there to the masses. Start by trying the following:

1. Participating in Forums

People often go to forums looking for solutions to technical problems. By becoming a trusted member of numerous technology and software related forums, you'll put yourself in a position to recommend your software as a legitimate solution or tool that can be used to help one of the forum's members. While over-promoting your brand on forums can be seen as spammy and result in the deactivation of profiles/accounts, genuinely recommending a software to achieve a task that someone else is inquiring about is not considered spam. Oftentimes you can also place a link to your site in your user profile signature, which is displayed below all of your posts.

2. Sharing Solutions on Blogs

In addition to answering questions on forums, you can also produce tutorials and guides that help people solve problems using your software. “How to” content can go a long way in establishing your software as the go-to tool for a specific task or activity. You can also share software development tips and techniques to establish your company as an authoritative resource on certain topics in the field.

3. Collaborating with Service Providers

Instead of focusing solely on the original version of your software, why not look for opportunities to create new versions in re-purposed collaborations with service providers. Many times, a service provider will need a bespoke software developed specifically for their company. According to Aubrey Chernick, founder of Candle Corporation, by landing a few collaborative projects like these you can gain a positive reputation for being a bespoke solutions provider in your field, while also expanding your prospective client base.

4. Reaching Out with Social Media

If a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it, as far as everybody is concerned, it never fell. Likewise, if your software solves the world biggest problem and only a few people know what it can really do, it will never reach its full potential in terms of popularity and overall usefulness to society. Sharing videos, tutorials, demographics, screenshots, memes, and other forms of easily digestible social media content should be a mandatory part of any software developer's PR strategy.

Looking for Unconventional Opportunities

Sometimes the best PR opportunities can present themselves at the least opportune times or in ways that you might've never imagined on your own. For example, you might find an unlikely collaboration with a company that is an entirely different industry while visiting a trade event. The point here is, be sure to keep your options open and view every organization with a decent amount of followers as a possible collaborator to work with.
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