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Monday, February 8, 2016

BellaSentials Bamboo Essential Oil Diffuser Giveaway

Are you into using diffusers with essential oils? Here's your chance to win a bamboo one. Giveaway is open to US residents only and runs through 2/17.

None of the blogs involved in this giveaway received any compensation for this post. Primitive Gypsy may make a small commission from Barefut if you buy from the link below.

Enter the BellaSentials Bamboo Essential Oil Diffuser Giveaway. Ends 2/17

About BellaSentials Diffusers
BellaSentials Diffusers are one of the largest Essential Oil Diffusers on the market today. The BellaSentials Diffuser can hold up to 400ml of water and diffuse up to 12 hours. You can use your BellaSentials Diffuser all day or all night. The dark bamboo Diffuser has 7 rotating lights and can be stopped on any color you prefer or totally turned off. The light bamboo diffuser has a beautiful blue light which can also be turned off. Left on this light is soft and soothing, and if you can not sleep with any lights, just turn it off and still enjoy the wonderful health benefits.

I have used a BellaSentials Diffuser now for a year and I just love it. So much that I now own all of their Aromatherapy Diffusers and they have a few different models. Each model has an auto shut off feature, leaving you free to fall asleep or leave the house. Essential Oil Diffusers are wonderful your health, and depending on the oil you use can help with many problems like Anxiety, Sleeplessness, Pain, Relaxation, Cold and Flu Prevention and much more. Always make sure to use pure essential oils. We recommend Barefut Essential Oils. They are great oils to use in your BellaSentials Bamboo Diffuser and have great sales every month. Check them out at
One of the other things we love about BellaSentials is that they are determined to only provide quality products and are commited to their customers. All BellaSentials Diffusers are made from BPA free plastic. They also believe in doing whatever they can to make YOU happy. If you're in the market for a new Essential Oil/Aromatherapy Diffuser I can highly recommend them. You can find them at

Please remember that Essential Oils are for your health. While essential oils do provide a pleasing scent, the scent depends on the brand and type of oil you use. These are not scented oils. If you are looking for strong oils feel free to try oils like Lime, Orange, Pine, Cinnamon and Clove for a long lasting and strong scent along with the wonderful health benefits they provide.

~~And now for the Giveaway~~
Please note that you should be 18 to enter and you MUST live in the United States in order to win the BellaSentials Bamboo Diffuser, or have it shipped to an address in the United States.

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  1. Premium essential oil diffuser it's safe and ultrasonic and I like the color.

  2. Premium essential oil diffuser it's safe and ultrasonic and I like the color.

  3. I think the Dark Diffuser would fit into my world perfectly. I like the LED light option and that it shuts off when empty.

  4. The Dark Diffuser is my favorite because it has the LED lights that change color. How fun!

  5. I like the Dark Diffuser best because it looks nice and not out of place