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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Kitchen Gizmo Cherry Pitter

Kitchen Gizmo Cherry Pitter Review
Once upon a time, I had a cherry pitter that pitted one cherry at a time. I loved this contraption as I love cherries, but, it pitted one cherry at a time. It took forever to pit enough cherries to snack on, needing to double up if anyone in the household wanted to snack on them, too.
Bring on the Kitchen Gizmo Cherry Pitter and we have the perfect replacement. Instead of pitting one cherry at a time, this gizmo will still do one cherry at a time, but, it has a bowl that can feed the cherries one at a time into the presser, so you don't have to be slowed down by the pitter processing one at a time.
One other place where the multi-cherry pitter shines is in cleanup. With our old cherry pitter, each pit just shoots out of the contraption, onto a waiting paper towel / plate to collect the pits. The new pitter catches the pits internally, where the cherry itself pops out into a bowl.

The whole thing is very easy to clean once done. Just slide off bottom to empty. There is enough room inside to catch pits for lots of cherries. You shouldn't risk it filling up on you for a single pitting session, unless perhaps you're making several cherry pies.

We love the device and are eagerly awaiting the next cherry season. The cherries were around for maybe a week or two at the grocery store and they're gone again til late spring probably.

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