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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Vbiger Outdoor Touch Screen Gloves Review

I recently received a pair of Vbiger Outdoor Touch Screen Gloves to review. They're not your typical gloves. Instead, their meant to be used with your phone / tablet, while outdoors. They also work for driving or cycling, as they have grips on them to grab on to steering wheels, handlebars, or what not. There's a slight problem though. I don't have them any more. My wife does. She saw me putting them aside for Black Friday shopping. Being that we were going to have to wait on line, outside, while it was cold... she grabbed them, and kept them, as she wanted to be able to use her phone while waiting and wanted to keep her hands warm and gloves on. Thankfully, before my wife stole them from me, I did actually have the chance to review them.

The gloves are from Vbiger and sell on Amazon for $13.79. They have a bunch of colors and styles. I tried out their Black version. Don't confuse them with the Black 2 or Black 3 style, though functionally they serve the same purpose. The idea of the gloves is to stay warm while being able to hold onto your phone / tablet without risk of dropping, and use it while keeping the gloves on. Okay, that's a mouth full. First off, the gloves are soft and flexible, allowing you ease of movement. Second, they have these little rubber grips all over the place to help prevent the device from sliding around. And, most importantly, thirdly, the silver fingertips allow you to use the device while keeping the gloves on without risk of scratching the screen.

The gloves are unisex. I ordered the size Large. They fit but are a little snug. I would probably get an Extra Large next time if I were to order again. Since my wife snagged them, they fit her well so the smaller size worked out well in the end. I like all the different colors but stuck with the black. The weather's been a little cold but not fully cold enough to truly test them, until the night my wife stole them. They're tight cuffed so no snow should go under, but not tested yet there since no snow. I did test them with water though. While I did feel the water when I dipped my hands in it, they didn't feel wet long once removed from water. However, I'd try to keep them dry as they'd stay cold if it truly was cold outside. Cold and wet would not be a good thing.

Overall, a functionally useful set of gloves. They do run small so keep that in mind when ordering. Sure hope my wife like's them. As the weather gets colder, they'll definitely get put to good use here in Boston.
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  1. these look nice and warm, however, i have trouble hitting the right keys with my bare fingers, i have to use a stylus, i have some gloves like this but they are not half as nice as these.