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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Novica Hand Made Gifts Review

Back in November, we hosted a giveaway for an item from Novica. Since then, I've received an item to examine and review. If you're not familiar with Novica, in association with National Geographic magazine, Novica sells unique, fair trade goodies from around the globe, focusing on the gift market. They work directly with artisans in eight regions, allowing the artisans an opportunity to create sustainable businesses.

The eight regions they work with are as follows:
  • the Andes
  • Bali and Java
  • Brazil
  • Central America
  • India
  • Mexico
  • Thailand
  • West Africa

The item I picked to review hails out of Mexico. As mentioned in the previous article, I loved the rustic metal sculptures available. They're actually all made by the same artist Armando Ramariz. These items are made from bike and car parts it looks like, though in some descriptions they are auto parts and others cart parts. I'm assuming that latter one is a typo.
The item I received is the rustic metal sculptured owl. I work for TripAdivsor and I thought it would be cool to have something that looked like their mascot. The item retails for $92.95 and typically sells for $49.99. It is currently on sale for $44.99 (and if you sign up for their newsletter, you'll get a discount code sent to  you).

It may seem obvious, but I want to say the sculpture is metal. The wings are sharp. You can really hurt yourself if you're not careful with the owl. You can certainly grab and move the owl around without getting hurt, but I wouldn't have it near a child who just might not be so careful with it. If you do have a child and like the rustic metal sculptures, just pick one without edges so pointed for wings.

Apart from the sharpness of the sculpture, I do like the detail the artist puts into the artwork, especially since they're made from scrap metal. Given that it is handmade, the owl looks nearly identical to the one in the catalog. I was kind of expecting it to look a little different. It is a rough unpolished metal, not glossy, though the picture does show some reflection from the lighting.

I like the personal artisan connection of the gifts offered by Novica in our world of mass produced goods. Their catalog is broad with over 40,000 handmade treasures. You can search by region or type. Pick wisely and enjoy the artisanal flare.
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