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Monday, December 7, 2015

Brick Builders Club for LEGO Lovers Review

Brick Builders Club for LEGO Lovers Review
Are you a LEGO lover? I got a chance to try out the #BrickSwag Brick Builders Club. BrickSwag is a box full of LEGO-themed merchandise that arrives in the mail just for your builder. It even arrives with their name on the package.

Every month, your red brick-shaped box arrives packed with official LEGO bricks you keep - never clone brands, an exclusive LEGO-themed T-shirt in any size, Build Magazine packed with interviews and building ideas, custom trading cards, inspirational posters, and more.

Go over to, choose your plan and use code FAM20 for your extra 20% savings! They start at $26 / month for a pay as you go plan to $20 / month for an annual plan.

My box arrived with a whole bunch of goodies. The box is definitely stuffed. You start with the Build magazine. This particular issue includes a What's in the Box? section, Building techniques, and a Mini Cooper set review, among other sections.
This particular Build Pack has 50 bricks inside. One of sections of the magazine includes build instructions for a turkey dinner with the pieces from the Build Pack. All the information is spread across two pages to build the whole build pack. This particular one has the item a holiday turkey. It is all visual with little to no callouts to highlight the build instructions. With the dark brown color for the turkey, it is a little difficult to see some of the steps.

There is a Challenge Pack  with a different monthly objective, this time: Build a feast-themed creation using only your Challenge Pack. The idea is you have the whole month to create something and submit your contest entry to

Value-wise, is it worth the $20-$26 (+ s/h)? Only you can be the judge for sure. I see the build pack valued at $5. The Challenge Pack valued at maybe $10. The cup, maybe $1. Leaving the t-shirt, which is probably about $15. Add in the poster and training cards and you're well over $30 worth of merchandise.

Overall, the build box is a great subscription box to get for your favorite LEGO fan. I like the t-shirt, the build / challenge packs are a great idea with the space available. You can't get many more items/bricks into the box after all.

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