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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Accell PowerGenius Review

Accell PowerGenius Review

I think I might have a new favorite power strip. Last Christmas, I reviewed Accell's Powramid. This year, I got to try out their PowerGenius Rotating 6-Outlet Surge Protector with Dual USB Charging. From the picture above, it looks somewhat normal, with the extra USB charging ports on the end. What's different is each outlet can rotate either 90 degrees right or left, providing better outlet availability when using those big adapters that tend to block outlets.

It is an interesting dilemma many have tried to solve before, including Accell with their Powramid. I've seen where the outlets themselves rotated so that the plugs go left-to-right instead of top-to-bottom. Depending upon the plug head, this could solve the problem for some adapters but won't for all. Even the Powramid failed with some of the adapters I tried it with, hitting a neighbor plug if both plug ends were too big.

The rotating outlets are usable in one of three positions: rotated left, regular up, and rotated right. You cannot leave a plug in the outlet when rotating and you cannot plug anything into the individual outlet if the outlet isn't in one of the three positions. You can't leave it halfway if you're undecided.

All six of the outlets are grounded and rotatable. The cord on the end to plug in the power strip is 6 feet long (1.8m). The two charging ports support a maximum of 2.4A (shared). The power strip offers a full surge protector with a 15 amp circuit breaker that will be triggered on overflow

The power strip retails for $29.99 though is just $24.99 at Amazon right now. There is even a four outlet version that goes for $23.80. It is a great addition to any household, especially with the two USB ports, freeing up the outlets for other needs.
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