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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Win A Custom Designed Circuit Breakers Arcade Machine

I couldn't resist sharing this giveaway. I probably shouldn't share, as I want to win the prize, but I'm sure some others here would want to enter to win this. And my wife probably wouldn't be too thrilled with the prize taking up so much space if we were to win. With that said, here's your chance to win a full sized arcade machine that plays the game Circuit Breakers.
If you're not familiar with Circuit Breakers, the game goes live on Steam on 17 November 2015. 
About Circuit Breakers 

Connect controllers for up to four-player cooperative play and battle together for points while surviving endless waves of enemies. Circuit Breakers revolves around collecting energy crystals that power your weapons. Killing robots causes them to explode violently, leaving you to collect the shards flying across the room. Featuring four individual characters, Aldo, Shelby, Samson and Tay, each of them is a class with their own set of guns to use.
The giveaway is open worldwide and ends on March 6, 2016. It is a single entry giveaway.

The prize is worth £4,000.

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