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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Google's About Me

Google recently introduced additional tools to help you better manage the exposure of your personal data and help prevent privacy-related issues. The tool is called About Me, and works across many of Google's tools like Drive, Photos, Google+, and others. Just click through all the options and see what is exposed, or press the red plus and see what they want you to add.

Not sure how to set things? Just follow the Privacy Checkup for help. The checkup walks you through a review of your security settings so you can adjust what Google exposes to the world and what they use to personalize your web experience.

The checkup lets you choose what Google+ profile info you share with others, what information is shown for people to connect to you, what you share on YouTube, what info is used to personalize your Google experience, and how Google personalizes your ads.

Be sure to stop by and make sure your personal information is protected.
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