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Sunday, November 29, 2015

A Look at Website Builders

There once was a time where creating a web site required one to be an expert in web design and development. You typically outsourced the work and then, whenever you needed a change, had to pay them again, and again, and again. Needed to support a new browser or new platform, like mobile, and that could require a total rework of the site, paying them yet again.

Nowadays, times have changed a little. Anyone and their mother can create a web site. People no longer are hand coding HTML and CSS. Instead, they rely on cloud-based website builder to create their websites. Then, if they want to make a change, they can do it themselves. Need to support a new platform or browser? The template that a website uses is responsive and handles the different environment without requiring any custom coding.

If you are looking to build your site with a website builder, there are several to consider.

First off is the website builder connected to They're a web hosting company first that offers a website builder to boot. Some others are website builders first and hosting second. You can also use a dedicated hosting company like Blue Host and keep the website builder separate, but back to Their website builder provides templates with customization done via drag-and-drop. You also have ecommerce support and blog support. You'll find a review on


A second website builder to consider is Weebly. You get drag and drop page development, a web store full of add-ons to help create the site, and themes that are responsive. It comes with built-in ecommerce support if you want to run a web store, blog support, too, and basic web statistics if you don't want to rely on Google Analytics. PC Magazine literally just ran a review of the site or you can find a Weebly Review on You can start with a free account and pay if you'd like. They'll celebrate their 10 year anniversary next year according to Wikipedia.

Our third choice to consider is Their an interesting hybrid of a website builder. They offer one but are more focused on building it for you instead. Their gallery is a good resource to see what they can do for you if you don't want to build things yourself.

So, are you ready to create your own site? Is your long lost uncle asking you for help? If so, check out the website builders mentioned above. They'll put you on your way to having an online presence. There's still time before the holidays to put something together for the holidays.

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