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Friday, November 13, 2015

1byone Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Smart LED Night Light Bulb Review

1byone Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Smart LED Night Light Bulb Review
Have you been looking at getting a smart light bulb? Before you do, consider getting the Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker Smart LED Night Light Bulb from 1byone. I've played with several smart light bulbs before AND I've reviewed several Bluetooth speakers, too. However, this is the first I've seen that combines the two features in one bulb.

The 1byone LED Night Light / Bluetooth Speaker is a great introduction to the technology, where the lumens aren't really bright enough for much more than a nightlight. To get started, you scan the QR code off either the instruction booklet or the box. This has you download the CHSmartBulb app via a direct download from a third-party site, not the Google Play store. From the iTunes App Store or Google Play store, you can also search for TecPowerBulb and get pretty much the same functionality. (I tried both.)

Once downloaded and started, you pair your phone to the lightbulb. Then, you can control the bulb via the app, always keeping the light switch on in order to control the bulb from the phone/tablet. Turn the switch off and the bulb will pair back up when turned back on.
The app allows you to send music/audio from the phone to the light bulb and change the color/hue of the bulb to any one of over 16 million. And that's really it. I've played with other remote control bulbs and there were additional features in the app like cycling through a series of colors, just not this app.

If you're child needs a night light in their bedroom, this is a great alternative. You can play them some nightly lullabies and change colors of the bulb from the same room or another. You can even use it to teach the child colors. The bulb is advertised to be controllable from 10 meters (32.8 feet) away. I needed to go 2 floors and many more feet away before it would stop streaming the music. If you're in the next room or on the same floor, you shouldn't have a problem controlling/streaming.

I tried pairing the bulb with both a Samsung Galaxy S5 and a Note 2. It paired on the first try with the S5 but required several more tries with the Note 2. Once paired, both functioned identically.
This is true of nearly all LED bulbs, but one thing you need to be conscious of is the size of the bulb. It is larger than your typical incandescent light bulb and might not fit in your lamp. The smartness of the bulb doesn't affect the size as I have "dumb' LED bulbs that are equally as large.
1byone offers a one year warranty with the bulb. Everything worked fine for me so I didn't have a need to test the warranty.

The only real complaints with the bulb are the lack of functionality in the app, the occasional difficulty pairing, and the app downloading from a third party site. But if you currently have a spare phone for playing music and a nightlight in your child's room, this is a great alternative.