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Friday, October 2, 2015

Extra 25% off Grave Busters at BuyCostumes

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It is already October. If your favorite holiday is Halloween, like it is in my household, you start preparing months in advance. From the decorations you're going to put up and the type of candy you're going to give out, to where to take the kids trick or treating, the parties you're going to attend, and the costumes you're going to wear, it all requires careful planning — especially if you're like me and you don't want to break the bank making it all come together!

This is why I shrieked with excitement when I learned that BuyCostumes is taking an additional 25% off over 400 Grave Buster costumes and accessories. All of these items are already on sale, so this means a ton of extra savings — like up to 60% off! I may have to tell the kids they have to start sharing a room just so I can dedicate the space to all the cool costumes, decorations, wigs, masks, and other accessories I'm going to stock up on!

This unbelievable sale started September 29th and runs through Sunday, October 4th. To get your extra 25% off, be sure to use the code AFCBUSTER at checkout!

I've been checking out the list and here are a few of my favorite items:

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