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Friday, October 23, 2015

Double Dip on Savings at Shaws and ACME Grocery Stores (and Giveaway)

Okay, I haven't shopped at ACME since I moved out of Jersey but they're sharing a deal through 11/5 with the local Shaw's Supermarket. Pickup $100 in select gift cards and they'll give you a $10 coupon off your next $25 purchase.

Retailers participating include

  • Macy’s
  • Cabelas
  • Sports Authority
  • Nike
  • eBay
How can you make this deal better? You can double or even triple dip. Does your credit card offer rewards for grocery store purchases? Some cards will reward you with cash back up to 6% of your grocery store purchases. Do pay the credit card off immediately though or else you're paying interest on the purchase and that will eat away at your money, not save you more.

To get to triple dipping, when making a purchase with the gift card, go through a web site like eBates or Fat Wallet. They give you a kick back when making a purchase. The rebate you get back from Amazon is 3% for instance, for select departments, though they have occasional double cash back days, too. For the best results, don't stick to just one site for all the cash back purchases. Some sites also may offer coupon codes for added savings, too.

Stock up on those gift cards before the holidays. It is always good to have some extras around for those unexpected gifts you receive.

Want to get a gift card without hitting the stores? Here's a $25 Amazon gift card up for grabs.

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