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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

LED Lantern By Galactic Lighting Review

My wife likes to think of herself as a prepper. Not a big time one, but we definitely have a good stash in the event the power goes out. A few years back, we bought like four lanterns. The things are huge as they take 4 D batteries. We even have rechargeable cartridges that the lanterns take, nearly doubling up the amount of space they take. With the batteries/cartridges, the lanterns weigh a ton. Well, not literally, but they're really heavy. Not something I'd want to carry around for long, but they do work, and have been used, when we lost power. They are bright, too, so work well if/when the power goes out. 

With that said, I recently tried out the LED Lantern from Galactic Lighting. It works off of three AA batteries, dropping the size down immensely, but more importantly the weight. The whole thing is about the size of a dollar bill and weighs not even a half pound. In addition to the weight and size, one thing I like about the thing is it has a brightness knob. It isn't just an on/off light. When at its highest brightness, it is probably brighter than the bigger lantern we have. But, more importantly, in a power outage, you don't have to be at full brightness, meaning the batteries will last longer. Even if they didn't last longer, we just have more AA batteries lying around. D batteries are just huge, cost more, and we don't have as many to spare. Batteries are not included with the unit. You do have to provide your own.
As others have stated in their Amazon reviews, I'm not sure how rugged this would be for outdoor use. Given its size and weight, it would be very easy to pack with you for camping. However, I'd want something that could be banged around some if I'm out in the wilderness. Something rated for waterproofness. I don't get the sense this would survive well on a camping trip. 

This is a great lightweight lantern for internal, emergency use, or for the kiddies to play with. As long as you don't need it for outdoor use, you'll be happy with keeping it on hand. Perhaps it would work out well inside a tent after dark. Beyond that, I'd just recommend it for that prepper stockpile/go to bag.
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