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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Hangpro Car Organizer Review

Do you have a kid in a car/booster seat and plenty of junk thrown around in the back of your car? Okay, maybe it isn't junk, but it is everything from personal entertainment, to snacks, to hand sanitizer, and who knows what else. The Hangpro Car Organizer from JACO Superior provides a solution to help you organize your life, or at least the back seat of your car. And, to provide easy access to the items for your child in that car/booster seat.

Thanks to an opportunity at Tomoson, I had a chance to try out the Hangpro Car Organizer (pictured above). Regularly priced at $24.99, the organizer sells for $18.97 at Amazon. When you get, you just take the plastic off and hang it over your car seat, right in front of your child. Then, load it up with all the goodies. With this hanging, the first thing I noticed was my son stopped putting his feet there. He had stopped kicking the seat some time ago but I'm sure this would have helped with that, too.

The general idea of the organizer is two-fold. First, keep the back seat area of the car in better shape, but possibly more important, provide easy access to items for your child during a possibly lengthy road trip. And, with this latter desire, the organizer shines. You can over stuff it with the kitchen sink, and it all fits quite well. From water bottles to books and a bunch more, you'll find a home for all your goodies. I don't keep our phone in the unit like in the vendor photo at top, but there is plenty of space for that, too, if you like.

As long as your have a headrest to put the unit around, you're all set. The strap wraps around the headrest and gets tightened. If, however, you have a seat without, you're pretty much out of luck as it could just keep sliding down if it could wrap itself all the way around.

Great addition if you don't have the storage option already, as some seats have a flap for storage. Though, even if you have a pocket, this fits more and is easier access for the kid.

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  1. I would love to have one of these in my car. Thank you for the review.