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Sunday, September 20, 2015

1byone CD Slot Car Mount Holder Review

My wife recently upgraded her phone to an iPhone 6+. This was a bit larger than her last phone and no longer fit in the same slot in the car. So, we've been hunting for a car mount that worked for her. While functional, none of the others really worked great for my wife due to positioning, blocking either the radio or some other aspect of the car's controls, or convenience to place phone in holder. We recently received the 1byone Car Mount Holder for review. This one seems to be an exception. Mounting the phone via the CD slot gave my wife just the right positioning to not obscure anything needed.
The phone itself isn't magnetic. Instead, you place a metal plate between the phone and the case it sits in. That looks a little awkward as we went with a lightweight case with a clear back. But once in place, that is how the phone holds on to the mount. 
You'd think the unit might fall off when you stop the car quickly but so far so good. It works really well and the phone pulls off easily when it is time to move on. That last part is my wife's favorite part. This one might be a keeper.

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