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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Kuuk Potato Fry Slicer Review

The box for this calls it a Potato Chipper, but we're in the states so we call it a fry slicer. Have you ever wanted to make french fries but didn't want to spend the time to slice up the potatoes. That's what this thing is for.

When I take the unit out of the box, I notice one slight problem. No instructions. Okay, it isn't that hard to use, but if it wasn't for a picture on the box, I wouldn't have known I should slice the potato in half before shoving it into the unit.
Basically, peel the potato and slice it in half. Then, lift handle and shove half the potato inside. Press down on the handle and out pops the fry-sliced potatoes.
The potatoes I bought weren't that big. And there was plenty of space inside for more of the spud.
After pressing down on the lever, out pops the raw, cut potato fries. The amount of pressure needed to push down the lever varied. It depended upon how flat you were able to get the potato to sit up against the grate and how large a potato you had.

After slicing up the potatoes, you lay them out on a sheet pan. The fries do NOT come out perfectly straight. Thanks to the angle the level comes down at, they're slightly curved. No biggie, but you're not going to get perfectly sized fries. You'll just get a bunch of fries.
Of course, before cooking them, you'll need to find a recipe. I just used a basic one from over at The recipe sounded very simple and actually was. Combine a little bit of olive oil with a handful of spices and brush on. Cook on 450 degrees for 45 minutes after brushing on the season.
And that's really all there is to it, besides cleanup that is. I overdid the cooking of mine a little bit as they were ready at the 30-35 minute mark, not the full 45 minutes.
Eat away.
Clean up of the tool was a breeze. The blades just slide right out while the grid is a little bit more secure. There are two sizes though, depending upon how much you liked the fries.
The second set of blades is stuck to the bottom, along with a flat piece of rubber or plastic. This helps to anchor the unit to the counter before pressing the lever down.

That's really all there is to the tool. It is nice to be able to create fries on your schedule, with your seasonings, but the flavorings is really your recipe. The cutter doesn't care what recipe you use when creating the actual fries. It is just a fun way to get the eight year old involved with the prep work.

Some tips, don't put the slicer so near the edge of the counter top. When you pull down on the level, the cut potatoes could go baking in the oven. Don't use the slicer to cut up a sweet potato. Bad move.

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  1. This looks great to use the kids love making french fries and this looks easy and safer than trying to cut them up by hand.