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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

No Rush Shipping Bucks at Amazon

Do you have Amazon Prime? If you do, you could have slowed down shipments to not meet the two day guarantee and pickup $1 at a time in No Rush Shipping Bucks. Those allow you to purchase MP3 songs or other digital media for essentially no cash out of pocket, or very little at least, depending upon how much you ship and how much you want to buy.

The credits have an expiration date though. And while I'm not aware of how you can find out when these expire, I am aware of how to find out how much you have available. The How to Check Your Account for Digital Music Credit page has a Check your balance button. Click on the button and a popup shows your credit.
Here's what the popup window looks like. Clearly, I've spent everything I had, but you'll see a balance under Amazon MP3 if you didn't.

Start collecting those Pantry credit next. With those, you can only use $5 per $50+ order though so don't overdue it if you aren't planning on buying that much for the pantry from them.

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