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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

iClever Foldable Wireless Keyboard Review

I've been away from my laptop quite a bit lately. My wife messed up her knee so there have been quite a few doctors visits and one really long visit to the ER. One thing I always have with me is my mobile phone. Even with a laptop, I typically don't have WiFi available. With the phone, I can do quite a bit, but I hate typing with my thumb or pointer. I learned to touch-type in high school and type fairly quickly I might say. I just can't do that on my phone. You kinda have to just hunt and peck there, and half the time autocorrect thinks it knows better.

Bring on the iClever Bluetooth Keyboard. I can't use the voice recognition in the phone when sitting in a doctor's office. I can however take out a keyboard and type. The tri-folding keyboard from iClever is just what I need. It is compact so easily transportable and allows me to do more than just read and delete emails. I can actually respond, with a full message, without taking forever to key.

When folded up, the keyboard is about the size of a phablet. Without the screen, obviously, but sized about 3.6" x 5.7" x 0.6". When opened up, the length grows to just shy of 10", and the depth goes to 1/3rd of the 0.6" to just about 0.2", keeping the roughly 3 1/2" height. Very easy to throw in a backpack or even a back pocket to carry around.

To get started with the keyboard, you have to pair it to your phone / computer. I was about to break out the instructions but figured let's see if I can do it without them, as there wasn't any obvious buttons to press / hold at first look. Sure, it is a keyboard, but how do I know which one to press and hold? After looking more closely, the C has a blue Bluetooth logo on it, so I pressed the FN key combined with the C when the phone was scanning for devices. It then shows up as a physical keyboard named iClever IC-BK03 Keyboard. Pairing solved.

Next up is reading the emails. This you do on your phone as normal. When it is time to reply, that's where the keyboard shines. You can type up complete thoughts without worry of interruption or having to use emoticons to shorten messages.

My only complaint about the keyboard is the size of the individual keys. After typing for so long on a standard keyboard, switching to a more compact size causes you (or at least me) to press the wrong key all too frequently. And the backspace key feels like it is in the wrong place, so far from the rest of the keyboard, but it is on row of keys with the numbers.

Cost wise, the keyboard is currently priced at $35 on Amazon. List price is $100, but nothing ever sells at list. I think the $35 price is okay. There are cheaper keyboards, but they don't fold up, and some that do fold up are even more expensive.

Personally, I've found the keyboard to be very useful. Apart from a power bank, it is something else I grab on the way out to make sure I'm as productive as possible when on the phone. I can even more easily create blog articles with the keyboard / phone. Something I wouldn't consider doing without the keyboard.

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