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Monday, July 13, 2015

Hori Hori Garden Digging Knife Review

Hori Hori Garden Digging Knife Review
No, that isn't a protective device. It is a gardening tool. It looks dangerous and could do lots of damage if not used correctly, but, if you're into gardening and need to keep the beds in order, this is a handy little tool for just such a task. Okay, maybe not so little. The tool is a Hori Hori Garden Digging Knife and sells on Amazon for $35.95.
Here's what I dug up with the tool. I loved the serrated side for cutting up the unwanted parts of several plants and some roots. The tip is good for digging, and I was careful not to cut up the sprinkler hoses. My wife said the irises were encroaching on the plant next to it. That wasn't the only thing I dug/cut up.

If you've never heard of a Hori Hori, it is basically a Japanese soil knife. The blade is 7 ½" long. On one side of the blade, you'll find depth markings. These only go to 6". The other inch and a half is the rest of the blade, above the last marking. Be sure to keep the trowel replacement in its leather holder for safety when not in use. You don't want to accidentally stab someone to death with this thing. I do have to keep it away from my 8 year-old son. I wouldn't trust him with it, though I'm sure he'd love to dig up our yard with it. I'm sure he would find the sprinkler hose, too. Even more reason for him not to be playing with it.

The grip itself is comfortable. You're able to hold it for cutting with either side of the blade or for digging. It is strong enough to use as leverage if trying to get any rocks out or anything else.

Warning, do NOT leave these in your carry on bag when you go to the airport. TSA will not like it when they are found.

After using this for a while to care for the yard, one kinds of wonder how I survived with just a basic trowel before. This is definitely super handy and well worth the price.
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  1. Looks like a great tool. We've been adding more beds in our yard to increase our vegetable and fruit garden and some of the weeds and some roots would have been a lot easier to get up with this knife.