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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Audiobomb JetSet Bluetooth Headphones Review

Do you like listening to your music? Are you looking for a good set of Bluetooth 3.0 On-Ear Headphones? Here's a pair of headphones from Audiobomb offering 30 feet range for wireless listening with a microphone for full telephone integration.

When I first received the Audiobomb JetSet Bluetooth Headphones for review, I had a big concern. The container the headphones come within weighs in at over a pound. I thought that meant the headphones were heavy but thankfully the bulk of the weight is just the plastic container. The headphones themselves are only just over 5 ounces.

Next up is pairing the headphones to my mobile phone. For this, I actually had to break out the single page instructions. I tried without and didn't have any luck. To do this you hold the power button for seven seconds. After five seconds, you hear a little chirp in your ear to indicate the headphones are on. Then, keep holding a couple more seconds and it will beep again, meaning the phone is ready for pairing. You'll notice a red and blue flashing light on the side when the headphones are discoverable. Scanning for devices from my phone discovered the headphones. Startup Spotify and I can listen to my music through the headphones.

Typically when listening to my music I keep my phone in my pocket or on the desk and listen. This works perfectly fine. The pocket is where my phone is when I mow the lawn listening to music, too. With that said, these do offer about 30 foot range so you can walk away from the desk/phone without fear of losing your Bluetooth connection. This works great when using the headphones for hands-free talking over the phone, too. You don't have to be right next to the phone to answer it through the headphones.
The headphones only have three buttons (and a light) on them. All are multi-purpose. The power button not only powers the headphones on and off but also serves as play and pause buttons when listening to music. And, if the phone rings, you can press play to answer the call or hangup. Volume buttons are also use to advance the track. I also discovered you can redial from the headphones. Answering/redial are not in the instructions.

How do they sound? For this, I played many songs, including my old heavy bass favorite Radioactive from Imagine Dragons. It handled the heavy bass quite well, especially for $50 headphones. There was minimal distortion as I kept increasing the volume louder and louder during the bass runs. You do get a good range of coverage in the low, mid, and high audio ranges, whether you're listening to explosions in movies or classical or even opera with its heavy vocal needs.

The headphones measure about 7" x 6" x 3" when the ear pads are not extended. You can fold the ear pads in so the headphones are more compact for travel where that measures about 6" x 5" x 3". There is no case though for transport. The ear pads feel like leather but I can't say for sure if they are actual leather or just leatherette. They clamp on the ear comfortably with not too much force, but not enough for active gym usage. There is also some padding where the headphones sit on the top of your head, keeping it comfortable. You do get two cables within the package: a micro-USB to USB charging cable (w/o a plug adapter) and an AUX cable to listen through a standard audio jack without battery or Bluetooth involved.
The rechargeable lithium ion battery in the headphones lasts about 8-10 hours of play. When low battery, you'll hear a triple beep in your ear. As far as I can tell, there is no visible indicator for remaining battery life.

Are these a worthwhile pair to get/have? Personally, I like working with three pairs of headphones. Working out, I like an in-ear pair. I can't risk anything falling off when on treadmill / elliptical, and I don't personally like on-ear with a strong clamping factor. Working at my desk at work, I like an over-the-ear pair, isolating myself more. I can't risk sound bleeding out and interrupting coworkers. The on-ear pair, like these, I use around the house most. These probably get the most use. I don't spend that much time at the gym and while I'd like to listen more at the office, I just can't keep them on all the time. I just use them when I don't want to be interrupted or something noisy is going on nearby. For an on-ear-pair, for $50 (or $40 Amazon), these serve their purpose well, where you can still pickup anything going on in your surroundings while still listening to your music. I've have seen cheaper pairs but sound quality isn't always as good, or they aren't as comfortable. I'm also not an audiophile where I need to spend $100+ for a pair either. So, for a good every-day pair of on-ear headphones, these will get the job done quite well for you.

Want your own pair? Watch for a giveaway for three pair starting later today/Saturday 7/18.

Update: Giveaway link ends 8/1

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