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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Pizza Cutter Review

I received this product for the purpose of this review. All opinions states are my own and may differ from yours.
#1 Pizza Cutter Review
Pizza is a popular dish in our house, especially once the weather is warm and we can break out the grill. My wife like's to make the pizza dough fresh and cook the pizza on the grill. It comes out quite well I might add. When you make pizza, it really helps quite a bit if you have a pizza cutter. Without one, it is a lot harder to cut up the pizza. Thanks to an opportunity at Tomoson's, I had the chance to review a pizza cutter from SH&SH.
#1 Pizza Cutter Review
When trying this out, I kept asking myself, aren't all pizza cutters the same? Absolutely not I might add. The last one we had bent at the handle because we pressed down too hard, and we didn't press that hard. I could have bent the old one with my bare hands, not even pressing down at all. This sucker is sturdy as hell with a 100% stainless steal blade. The handle is made of a hard rubber that is easy to grip and gives you lots of control when cutting with the gadget.

#1 Pizza Cutter Review
Speaking of the blade, it is over-sized. This may not be a big deal when cutting pizza, but it helps immensely when cutting dough. I guess cutting goes faster with the bigger blade, but the time difference is negligible.
#1 Pizza Cutter Review
My wife likes to bake bread. To portion out the dough, she uses this pizza cutter. It is a breeze getting through the dough with this and the larger size is a big help, too. Just watch out for stray fingers if trying to use the device quickly. You don't want to cut something off by accident and end up heading over to the emergency room.

Clean up is a breeze. The device is dishwasher safe though easy enough to clean in the sink. Ready for its next usage.

List price at Amazon is $28.79 though it is on sale for $13.79, with free shipping if you have prime.
#1 Pizza Cutter Review
If you're in the market for a pizza cutter, this is a great one to get. You typically don't need a second pass over the pizza with the cutter, making a clean cut the first time, without much pressure I might add. It is also useful for cutting dough, pastry, sandwiches, and many more things. You'll be very happy with your purchase if you get this.

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  1. Lord knows we need a decent pizza cutter! Every one we've tried just winds up falling apart or not being sharp enough to cut butter, lol. I'll look this one up on Amazon.