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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Cold Eeze Review

I received this product for the purpose of this review. All opinions states are my own and may differ from yours.
Cold Eeze Review
You wanna know one way to surely get sick? Offer to do a review of Cold Eeze. Cold Eeze is typically a homeopathic zinc gluconate lozenge that you take to shorten the duration of a cold. It is also now available in an oral spray and a quick dissolve strip.

As soon as you start to feel the symptoms of a cold coming on, you're supposed to start taking Cold Eeze. No matter the form, you take the appropriate form every 2-4 hours. The hope is to reduce the severity of the cold symptoms.
I tried the spray form primarily. The bottle holds 90 sprays or 45 doses. Priced for $6.99 at Amazon, that's about 16 cents a dose. It's a cherry flavor whereas the other two forms are honey lemon. I think I'd like to try the spray in the honey lemon. The cherry wasn't the best cherry flavored meds I've tried.

The lozenges come in an 18 pack and are currently $4.83 at Amazon. That price is almost 27 cents a tablet. The Cold & Flu QuickMelts come in a 24 pack and go for $5.99 at Amazon. That's at 25 cents a tablet there. The QuickMelts are a Cold & Flu formula so I was surprised to see them cheaper than the regular tablet orders.

Does the product work? Were my symptoms really lessened? I can't say for sure. My symptoms first appeared while I was at work and I didn't have the spray around. By the time I got home, I was heavily into cold mode already. With Cold Eeze, they want you to start at first sign of symptoms, which I couldn't.

Clinical studies have shown the effectiveness of zinc to reduce cold symptoms. It is all about the timing though to see if your cold symptoms will shorten. That does mean you may end up taking the Cold Eeze more frequently than if you waited til the symptoms were upon you like with a regular cold med. If it turns out you didn't have a full fledged cold, you wouldn't have taken a regular cold med but would have taken Cold Eeze since you need to take ASAP after symptoms appear.
I'm all for trying to get rid of cold symptoms more quickly. Letting them run their course takes time and leaves you worn out typically. We'll see if I take the next time cold symptoms come my way.

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  1. I've heard of Cold-Eeze before, but I didn't realize you had to take it so early to be effective so it would be hard to know if it really works or not. Thanks for sharing your review!

  2. I have heard of Cold Ease, but I ave never tried it myself. I can't remember the last time I had a cold. Cold Ease is probably a product that everyone should have in their medicine cabinet.