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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Trader Joe's Hot & Spicy Chicken Wings Review

Trader Joe's Hot & Spicy Chicken Wings Review
I'm a big fan of chicken wings. I used to live down in Maryland and loved some frozen wings I used to get there. I think the brand name was Murry's but I can't say for sure. They were a favorite. Since moving about twenty years ago now, I've had a hard time of finding anything close. The closest I've found is from a bar in Framingham called Angry Ham's Garage. Much of the rest of the food the family got there would never be ordered again, but they had great wings. I also like the wings at a chain called Wing's Over, but even their spiciest sauce isn't spicy enough for me. For spicy buffalo wings, the spiciest I've found is at Fat Cat Restaurant down in Quincy (they also had great lobster mac & cheese). Even with all these places, I could never find a good frozen wing.

I was at Trader Joe's tonight and found something that comes close to whoever the old favorite was. Trader Joe's has their own brand of Hot & Spicy chicken wings. Now, again, they aren't over the top spicy, but do include a good amount of heat. These are wing sections, not full wings, but that is what I was looking for. Just pair it off with some Ranch or Blue Cheese dressing and off you go to eat.

The bag includes nine wings, or what they call 3 servings of 3 wing sections. I ended up cooking up five wings first to try them out. I have to work on the timing if I don't cook the whole bag, but apart from that, the wings provide what I'm looking for when I want a frozen chicken wing: ease of preparation (microwave), some heat, and a good moist wing section.
My biggest disappointment? The bag only includes 9 wings. I ate the whole bag in one sitting. 3 wings might be a nice appetizer sized portion, but for a dinner sized portion, nine is about right. That's 600 calories though, including 42 grams of fat (65% of recommended daily intake) with 1440 mg of sodium. I'd be dead if I ate these regularly.

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