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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Ultimate Coupon Binder Blogger Opp

Here's a blogger opportunity with an interesting twist. You get two free links to promote the giveaway. But, you get one extra link for every five referrals. Want to win the binder? Come back on 3/23. Want the free links, and possible referral links? Tell them Java John Z's sent you and sign up below.
Sign up for the Ultimate Coupon Binder Blogger Opp. Sign ups close on 3/21.
Welcome to the Giveaway for the Ultimate Coupons Binder! This is the Blogger Sign up Page only. The event will begin on March 23th, 2015 and end April 6th, 2015.
This event will be open to residents of the US and Canada aged 18+
Frugal Bloggers Preferred. 

  • Binder is double sided (Perfect for keeping Grocery and Non Grocery separate!) with a zipper and a shoulder strap.
  • Comes complete with dividers
  • Pretty custom made category sheets
  • Coupon sleeves specifically for coupons
  • A pair of nice scissors
  • A calculator
  • A pencil pouch to hold the tools
  • Couponing 101 packet
  • Lingo cheat sheet
  • Personalized notebook
  • 3 Coupon Policy print outs, Winner’s choice of stores
  •  Full month worth of coupon inserts, 4 sets a week, Already cut up and organized.
  • National City Coupon Book full of coupons for local and online stores!
Binder is completely ready to go the minute the person gets it.
This is perfect for new couponers and coupon vets alike. The website for this giveaway has a Facebook group of Couponing newbies that is 15k strong and growing. This will be a big giveaway as the buzz of it is already spreading around multiple Facebook groups. This giveaway will be extremely popular, and will be awesome for the readers of any frugal blogger!!
You get two free links for promoting at least three times a week for the two weeks of the giveaway (Pinterest, twitter, Facebook Visit, or Instagram). We also have a bunch of paid options.
Payments to:
REFERRAL PRIZE: For every 5 bloggers that sign up with you as a referral, you get a free link! Blog with the most referral gets $20 to their Paypal!

Please tell them Java John Z's sent you.

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