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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

SimplyFun Giveaway

More games to giveaway for the holidays. This time three from SimplyFun. The giveaway is US only and ends on 12/17. Good luck.
Enter the @SimplyFun #educational #games #giveaway. Ends 12/17
Sponsor:  SimplyFun
Have you heard of SimplyFun?  Well, if you haven't, I know you will love them as much as my family does.  SimplyFun creates high quality board games; making learning fun for kids of all ages!   In this lovely giveaway for homeschoolers, students who love learning through fun and families ages 8 years old+,  SimplyFun has generously offered 3 of the following games:

Letter Slide

Take a fast paced ride down the Letter Slide! Don't "slide" by the letter tiles that you need. Spell as many words as you can based on the card that has been turned over. Hurry before the timer runs out!  Your child will improve vocabulary and spelling!  This game is easily adapted to players of all reading levels from very beginning to advance.


Vinculum is a fast paced game of fractions. Race to get the most Fraction Tiles and win! A fraction consists of a Numerator (on the top)and a Denominator (on the bottom). The line that separates the two is called a Vinculum. Learning how to reduce and expand fractions will help players recognize equivalent fractions.  This game is perfect for children ages 8+, and is easily adaptable for more advanced knowledge!

Pack It

Go camping with the family!  Build up your backpack, and use Strategy as you decide whether to go on a hike or stay at camp.  It's fun game for ages 8 years old +.
Check out my review of Pack It here.


Enter below to win these 3 SimplyFun games!  ARV $84.50.  Open to US Residents 18 years old +.
Neither The Squishable Baby nor any other participating bloggers are responsible for prize distribution.


  1. When I play a board game we count our moves out loud,we read the cards together,I notice if it's fun my child remembers more and can figure out problems better.The play while you learn system really works when they don't realize they are learning.

  2. Just playing the game with them makes learning fun

  3. We play thinking games with the kids. I like the fact that there's not just one answer to the games. Scrabble and Chess are examples as they emphasize on the value of thoughtful moves rather than the importance of winning.

  4. I change it up as to how we use the games to learn. Whenever possible, I select the game to tie in with what my son is learning in school; other times I let him pick the game. Thank you for the giveaway!

  5. I use games to help teach my daughter to follow directions. Stay focused and exercise her mind.

  6. We use games to improve the little one's vocabulary!