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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Congrats to 2,000 Subscribers

Congrats to 2,000 Subscribers
In addition to reading our posts here on the blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and BlogLovin, you can also subscribe to our mailing list. Whenever there is something new posted on the blog, you'll get an email around 9 am ET with links to the new articles.

After running the blog for just over two years, we've just hit 2,000 subscribers. Welcome to all the new subscribers. We've had quite a few new subscribers since Christmas. Hopefully, you like what you see and stay around for awhile. If you don't like, there is an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email. Please don't mark as spam.

If you don't subscribe yet, please consider subscribing to get notified when new reviews and giveaways, etc., are posted.

You'll occasionally find postings only to Facebook or Twitter, that do not make it into a post on the blog. Be sure to watch there, too, whether by following/fanning or just visiting the page. Starting in January, the way Facebook notifies you of new content for pages you follow, you will have to explicitly visit the page occasionally to see what's new and different.

Thanks for listening.
Congrats to 2,000 Subscribers

If you run your own blog and you're interested in setting up your own mailing list, consider using Mad Mimi. It has worked fairly well here and has a very responsive tech support team when anything has come up.

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  2. Hello & Congratulations!! I've been following for almost a year and am so glad I follow in several different ways. I've already noticed on my FB page that, unless I actually click on a page every so often, it will fall off my "feed". It does help if I'm "Following" the person/page because it then shows up in my "Notifications" list. If it's someone I don't want to miss, that helps quite a bit. :)