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Friday, November 21, 2014

#FreeMathApp Splash Math Kids Educational App Review

#FreeMathApp Splash Math Kids Educational App Review
Looking to give your kid an edge in math with a little help from your phone/tablet? Check out the Splash Math app in the Google Play store or iTunes. The first grade version provides about a half dozen areas for the child to learn. My favorites are time and geometry. While the time stuff is typical of learning apps, the geometry isn't, at least for the 1st grade level. It is taught quite well and easy enough for the typical six year old to learn from.

After entering your child's name, the app jumps right into play mode, though you can certainly pick practice mode, too. When you finish a section, you earn a reward, like a crab. The questions are definitely age appropriate with several topics more advanced then others.

The trial version limits you to 20 questions per day. If you get the full version for $9.99, you have unlimited questions across 15 chapters of material. I wish the trial version was more than 20 questions per day free but its enough to quiet down a child on line without having them do too much school related stuff. If you truly like the program, you can buy a license for five school grades of lessons

The graphics are halfway decent, though a bit cartoony for me. For a six-year-old, they're perfect. Overall, a decent educational game without shooting birds around or driving cars.

Download Splash Math for free on GooglePlay

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  1. I would love this for my grandkids. Education is so important to me. Thank you for sharing