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Monday, November 17, 2014

Accell Powramid Review

I received this product for the purpose of this review. All opinions states are my own and may differ from yours.
Accell Powramid Review
Are your power strips full of over-sized plugs? I think I may have found the solution. I was recently offered to review the Accell Powramid Power Center and USB Charging Station. And, it provides room for six over-sized plugs. No more only getting two or three to fit in a strip meant for six plugs.
Accell Powramid Review
Here's what it looks like put to good use. You may not need a full six big plugs. But they all fit. There are even two USB ports to charge devices without a plug involved (2.1A). Yes, that's eight different things you can charge/power at once.

I did find one plug that it doesn't work with. Something really, really wide and flat. While this plugged in fine, I couldn't use the outlet next to it. That adapter is perfect for a typical power strip though, so keep this plug in that. 

In addition to being used as a power strip, the Powramid is also a surge protector, offering 1080 Joules of surge protection. Apparently, the surge protection uses X3 MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor) technology to protect your devices. The video below does a better job of explaining how that works.
In case you didn't notice, that's the on/off switch at the top. To prevent accidentally hitting it, there is a plastic cover that goes over. It does sit tight over the Powramid, but if you have to turn the block off and on frequently, I can envision this getting lost/misplaced easily.

Overall, I like the thing. It even comes with a $5,000 limited warranty for connected equipment. About the only thing it doesn't have is battery backup. Perhaps for version two. Plug on. This will get lots of use.

Disclosure: I received the above mentioned product for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received. All opinions stated are my own and may differ from yours. See my disclosure policy for more information.


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